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It’s almost that time of year again (yikes!!) Time to say goodbye to your seniors, whether they be friends or family. Now, is the time to figure out what to get the Graduate? Preferably something that’s not going to empty your wallet, but something they’ll also treasure.

I’ve found 5 gift ideas for the Grad that are under $25!


1. Books

This may just be my book-nerd speaking, but they’re great!? Books are a good way to pass the time, whether it’s in the car, on the plane, or some downtime reading.

I even have a few popular titles for you:

Ready Player One (which just came out as a movie) and Armada by Ernest Cline, which both focus on video games/movies/music from an earlier time period but have a futuristic theme.

An uplifting-ish story could be Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider, a book about kids with a fatal disease who still find space for love.

My last recommendation would be The Crown’s Game and its sequel, The Crown’s Fate by Evelyn Skye. It’s set in tsars’ Russia where two sorcerers must battle to become the only survivor – ?and figure out their feelings for each other. (It’s one of my favorite books, so if your senior is into that sort of thing, definitely pick it up!)

2. Movies

Movie night in a college dorm is definitely fun – grab some drinks, popcorn, and turn on the TV! It’s a great relaxer to do with friends, and who doesn’t love the silver screen? I’d recommend The Greatest Showman, because if you haven’t seen Wolverine start a circus with Troy Bolton, what are you doing with your life? Oh yeah, and the music’s pretty spectacular too.


3. Cute water bottles

Yep, this one’s a bit unexpected. Still, their good ideas – especially if you get one of the S’well water bottles. There’s plenty of patterns and colors to choose from, and if you wanted to add to it, you can slip cash on the inside.


4. Coloring books.

They’re really fun, and work as stress relievers for when finals roll around (eep!!). There’s a variety of these, too – mandalas, people, animals, backgrounds, etc. (I have a few Harry Potter books myself!)


5. Gift cards.

I know, I know. That’s the conventional approach. But who doesn’t love getting a Starbucks/Target/Barnes & Noble gift card? If you want to DIY with them, make a bouquet of cards or add one into a coffee mug with candy.

These next gifts are a little more – $50 budget range. Parents, this may be more geared towards you!

1. Origami Owl

If they already have a necklace, great! If they don’t, get them one (and add some charms)! They’re super cute and accessorize well, and can tell a story! I have two necklaces, and love them both. If they already have one, add to their charms! Maybe a graduation cap or the numbers “2018”?

2. Quirky t-shirts.

Perfect for anybody – they can have a funny saying, a nerdy reference, or just be cute. Either way, it’s a fun gift! (Take a peek at redbubble.com – they have really good t-shirts)

3. Speakers

Nothing’s better than blasting show tunes at 3 am…okay, maybe sleeping?? But you’re gonna need a speaker so you can have music in your room at all times! Luckily, most speakers are portable and a perfect fit in any dorm room.

4. Pillows

They look really cute and spice up a room, adding some personality to the space. I love pillows, but I have no room for them on my bed and I think my mom would go berserk if I filled the couch with them, so…get ’em when you go to college!

5. Makeup

Girls love free makeup. Eyeshadow collection with an?ULTA? or Sephora gift card, or a range of nail polish colors. Get a pretty palette and impress your senior!

BONUS: Money.?Seriously, anybody wants money, but students heading to college would LOOOOOOVE some. There are fun ways to present the cash over on the SMP Pinterest Board too.

Meet the Writer: Emma is a sophomore, and interested in studying Education and English Studies with an emphasis in Digital Film + Screenwriting. ?She has a passion for creative writing, reading, traveling, performing, and singing. When she isn’t practicing for musicals or choir, she is hanging with friends or just relaxing at home with a good book.

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