10 Reasons To Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Senior Year

Do rush through your senior year of high school too fast! Here are just 10 reasons to think about in your last year of high school.

My heart is always a little bittersweet as I get ready to send off the seniors! I know they’re excited to start their next chapter. But remember to get everything out of your LAST CHAPTER of high school too!

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Although it’s always a little hard to see these amazing young people become adults, my emotions are ALWAYS overwhelmed with excitement more than anything else! I’m a mom myself + feel that tug of these seniors leaving the nest, which leaves me excited + anxious at the same time. Senior year is amazing and filled with last memories.

All of your school moments that you’ve experienced – from bummer to breathtaking – have brought you to this year. This is your year of lasts & it’s time to celebrate it! True, there’s also a lot of planning to be done, college applications, {and I have a checklist to help with that}, take the ACT one more time…but TODAY, in this moment,

there are 10 reasons I want you to fall in love with your senior year!

You can make THIS year outshine the rest!

1. You’re finally at the top

You’re finally a senior which is great! You have a lot going on, but remember those first years, + help out that lonely or confused freshmen. Those at the top shine brightest when they lift others up!

2. Your brain is not a day, week, month planner…It’s time to get organized and start making a list of what needs to get done

Whether it’s a paper list or app, NOW is time for Organization 101 – it relieves a lot of stress. I’m the queen of stress…and also the queen of lists. Don’t leave your high school halls still writing with a Sharpie on the back of your hand #whatpaperisduetoday

3. Remember that every game, concert, play…is your last as part of the student body – don’t sit home all year – go out and enjoy a few of the LASTS! Yes, study hard, but also make time for the fun stuff!

4. Get those senior pictures done. Seriously! 

…But even if I’m not your senior photographer {I know, crazy talk}, GET SENIOR PORTRAITS!

Capture your best self NOW, before you head off to live your best life!

And for the guys, I know it seems like the worst day ever to go get senior pictures, but it makes us Moms over the moon happy – if not for you, do it for your Mom.

5. Careful what you post on your social media

I’m sure you’ve already heard this a 100x, but whenever you put something out on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and the next big social app – it becomes PUBLIC for anyone…including a future boss and college admissions board. Keep it clean!

6. Be real!

I’m as guilty as the next person of being attached to my phone, but when you’re sitting in a group of friends – BE WITH YOUR FRIENDS – you may not see most of these people ever again once you toss your grad hat in the air on graduation day.

7. Work hard + play hard

Yep, your grades, clubs, extra curricular’s are all important, but equally important is having fun with your friends & family. Keep stress in check!

8. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye

When one door closes, another one opens is a phrase that rings true:

This is a year of LASTS, so yes, it’s a big year. But moving out into a new chapter to start living your best life is exciting too. No need to be scared of it, look at it as your next great adventure.

9. If there have been things you’ve been scared to try – this is the year to try it!

You’re still at home + have your family near if it fails and need someone to lean on…which brings me to my next point

10. This is the time to appreciate your family

Don’t forget to love and appreciate the people who helped you on your journey so far! Make time to take your siblings to ice cream, or to write your parents a note.  Appreciate people who’ve been there for you.

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Your senior story tailored to you down to the little details. Let’s make sure we tell your story before you’re off to live your next chapter!

2020 Seniors click your badge of honor to reserve your senior session today!

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I capture your best self, before you head off to live your best life!

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