It’s that time of year again! I’ve made my 2020 Bucket List + sharing the ideas with you to get us all ready for summer…outdoors…where we can see people again…socially distance…


Have you watched “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson?

It’s a good one in my Siskel & Ebert reviewing opinion. And it’s where I got the idea to start my own bucket list each Summer. I’m not on the Nicholson budget, but I’d totally be his Morgan Freeman sidekick anyday!

Before getting into this year’s list I’m linking a few of my past ideas to really get you excited for making your own this Summer::

And if you just want a list with 10 different ways to see people {outside your family}, be with your people {other than your kin}, or hang, air hug, dance, or coffee dates in the parking lot, that’s totally awesome too!

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Coffee lovers – Create a new coffee flavor or experiment between hot or iced coffee flavors

2020 Bucket List

Even though this Summer may look outta-sorts from Summers past, I’m moving forward with planning. I’m making memories + capturing moments with my family before Emma leaves for college in the Fall. Yep, still optimistic we’ll have a safe plan in place so she can start her college chapter. {UPDATE:: Even though her freshmen year was different than years past, she still was on campus and had mostly in-person classes}

Sure, we might have to alter or push a few off to Fall break, but that’s why it’s a checklist. We keep them handy to remind us it’s still in the queue to happen.

Make it Happen

  • 30 Days of Yoga::
    • If you’ve seen my Instagram Stories or other blog posts you know I started up yoga after back surgery. But I’ve never done it everyday straight. That’s begging for a bucket list add right?
  • Coffee Creations::
    • Experiment making different coffee creations or find local coffee shops who are serving and try something NEW from their menu {#supportlocal}
  • Volunteer::
    • It’s been easier to enter my debit card than enter my time. One reason is not wanting to miss one-minute of Emma + Nick’s events, but the other is putting myself out into something new. That intro-extrovert definition from GirlBoss has my name on it.
    • Easiest place to look is our church… ✔︎signed up
  • 2020 = 3-Million Steps::
    • I use my iWatch to track steps. This year I want to hit 3 million steps {about 8,200 steps/day}.
  • Watch the Sunrise::
    • Not being a morning person, this one falls under the challenge category 😉
  • Summer Trip::
    • We should be on Emma’s graduation trip. After having to postpone that trip I REALLY want a family trip before college life begins {fingers + toes crossed}.
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  • Road Trip::
    • Visit someplace new by car or, dare I write it, by RV {Brian’s jaw dropped the first time I said that}
  • Dessert for Breakfast
  • Write down 3 things I’m grateful for each week for 52 weeks
  • Rent a Boat for a Day:: Paddle boat, row boat, kayak…
  • Do 5 Random Acts of Kindness this Summer
  • Hiking Day
  • Play BINGO
  • Eat a Raw Diet for a Day
  • Picnic in the Park
  • Family Tandem Bike rides::
    • One of my Summer FAVS!

Some people turn it into a game.

Make it a game, or call it your resolution or goal list. But give yourself something to look ahead too, something to focus on, something to CHEER about this Summer!

Give it your best college try!

YOU DO YOU + what fits your lifestyle.

Follow me on Instagram and tag your images as you check off your Summer bucketlist #SMPbucketlist

I’d love to see what you’re up to this Summer!

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Family Moments Are Irreplaceable Moments

Until next week’s SMP post…

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