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Are you looking for a sparkling holiday idea?

I have all the ideas you need in the SMP Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s Thanksgiving week! Spending time with family and friends + the non-stop snacking are only a few things to be thankful for in this happy week.

Now the day affffffter Thanksgiving the shopping fun begins {or maybe you’ve already started}!

Either way I’m betting you need a few more things. I’ve got cool teen ideas before you head to the stores or open up the laptop.

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1. Coffee Lovers Dream:: Coroco {Coffee Roaster Collective} 
A new coffee shop opened up in town and they offer a monthly subscription so you can get fresh, sustainable sourced, good coffee at your door. And if you’re local you should give it a taste on Tuesday + Thursday mornings 😉

2. The latest beauty influencers keep talking about all the de-puffer tools on the market, and they range in price from $10-$200. I’m testing out the idea on the cheap with this pretty-in-pink version

3. Is someone getting a new phone? 
The phones are getting bigger, which is great for my eyes, but crummy for my hands. I’ve tried A LOT of different cases but with my last few phones I’ve put a Loopy Case on so there’s no extra bulk + no dropping.

4. Heavy or not – here it comes!
Nick’s been asking for a weighted blanket forever, and he’s not the only teen these days that wants one.  There are so many out there now with a big price range so google “WEIGHTED BLANKETS” or there might be sales on Black Friday this year. I found a good one at Costco.

5. Let’s talk water – Do you love a good water cup? Would you rather drink your water from a straw? 
Me too! This metal straw cup comes personalized so it’ll be great for my water girl when we pack for college 🙈 {I typed that without even crying – progress!}

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6. Have a movie buff that likes a challenge?
This was a fun idea to see 100 iconic movies + they also have 100 women in movies. Good dorm room wall decoration.

7. NOT getting a new phone? 
We all know too well our phone batteries don’t last forever.  With our teens, and adults, watching YouTube videos or snap-chatting non-stop, a reliable charger is a great gift idea. Here is a portable charger that’s going to keep both of my teens charged up.

8. Soft as silk
Protect your hair by using silk or velvet hair scrunchies. These comes ready to gift! 

9. EYE see you!
Sunglasses get lost all the time so spending hundred’s of dollar’s on one pair isn’t the best idea for us.  Style counts too & these sunglasses from Urban Outfitters check both boxes.

10. Charge it all!
That college dorm space will go fast, so having all their tech stuff in one spot on the desk with this charging station will help keep it all together.

11. Books – Can you really have enough?
Remember the small business when you can. When you’re shopping for books there is a cute + VERY helpful + bookstore in Geneva, called Harvey’s Tales

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With a little over 3 weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas this year we gotta have our lists ready to roll so we can wrap it up fast and enjoy the BEST PART of the holidays – sugar cookies!

And of course all of our family + friend time before we’re off and racing into 2020.

CHEERS to your Thanksgiving + happy shopping


P.S. If you’ve got a high schooler + looking for another guide…

I’ll be sharing my updated Grad Party Planner + College Packing Guide soon so be sure you sign up for my SMP SPARKLE NOTE so you’re sure to get them in your inbox.

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