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3 Reasons YOU NEED Professional Head Shots

Your presentation online is the doorway to inviting customers into your business. Trust me on this, you need to start with professional head shots!

Then after that headshot, we can start planning your brand photography to really elevate your business!

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Let me show you why YOU NEED these images…

When was the last time you bought something online?

I purchased two items online this week. Shirts from an Etsy creative and notecards from a small online business. I knew both businesses first from their online photos, and then after following them I became part of their community.

I’ve purchased from them because I knew them. Well, I felt like I knew them. KNOW – LIKE – TRUST. Those three words are thrown around the marketing world all the time.

And each of those three building blocks start with a…


Being a small business myself I’m more sensitive to finding things locally or small online businesses. I also want to trust who I’m making my purchases from.

Social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…have leveled up the marketing game where businesses with smaller marketing budgets can compete with large corporations. If you don’t have images of yourself, professionally taken images, then you’re missing out on growing your business.

What’s your online appearance?

  • Do you have a professional + cohesive look everywhere online?
  • Are your profile images the cohesive?
  • Will I recognize you from your Instagram to your website, to Linkedin?
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That top part alone should have you thinking about your business credit. However, if you’re still not convinced, I have three reasons you need professional head shots. And possibly an a full brand photography session for your business.

1/ Professional Presence

You have your website built. {If you don’t I have a local professional who can design one of you.}

  • Are you pictured on your About page {headshot at the very least}?
  • Do you have a professional, close-up profile look throughout all of your social media sites?

Being recognizable through every online piece allows customers the chance to know you before they purchase or reach out to work with you.

When we purchase, we typically don’t make an impulse buy the first time we see you or your business.

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2/ Build Community

This is a small business super power!

Let me show you…

A Starbucks might be in your community, but they’re in just about EVERY community. And consistency in knowing what we can expect anywhere is comforting for sure.

But small coffee shops are where the community comes to drink, share, and come back again if they feel part of that coffee community.

When I’m home {in Illinois}, I support + share about our local coffee houses .{Well, one is a coffee truck actually.} They feature special events, create fun seasonal drinks, offer classes + partner with other local businesses.

They are making quite a name for their businesses in our COMMUNITY.

If you’re local, or passing through you should stop by and try a cup!

When I’m home-home {in Washington} there is my local fav too. She bakes fresh, homemade everything, and definitely has her tribe. And that’s after a Starbucks moved in around the corner from her shop. {Coffee Perk}

All three of these businesses have built, and continue to build relationships in the communities they serve. Put a face {headshot} alongside your business so the community can get to know you + how you can benefit them.

Step it up a level to an online business and your headshots AND brand images become even more important to building your community.

Cyberspace can be paralyzing when we think about how many others are out there occupying the same space.

Instead, put your focus on YOU + what you offer your online community. Build YOUR COMMUNITY on the web.

And you guessed it…start with IMAGES OF YOU + YOUR BUSINESS.

If you’re looking for a long-term business relationship, you need to build a community.

headshots, head-shot-photographer, headshot-photography

3/ Time is Money

“Businesses that learn to automate & outsource are the businesses that begin to scale and thrive.” – Joe Pulizzi

In business, those three words pack the punch! If you know your way around a camera, have the backdrop, know good lighting, and have the editing software, you can probably create some good headshots for yourself.

However, in an experiment I did for this Brand Photography Blog Post I ‘capture’ this phrase for you perfectly. Do you really have THAT MUCH TIME or the expertise to give them the professional touch?

Put your focus on what you specialize in and outsource the rest.

People want to trust those they do business with and purchase from. We want quality.

Invest in YOU + your business today!

SMP Headshot Collections

Cheers & Sparkles to your business success!

đŸ’–Andrea | Your Community Building Brand Photographer

P.S. “People do not buy goods & services. They buy relationships, stories and magic. – Seth Godin

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Professional Head Shots
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