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3 Tips to Improve your Selfies!
Geneva Illinois Senior Photographer

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It’s just about time to go back to school, and we know you’re going to be documenting all those school memories with lots and lots of selfies! You’re going to be heading back soon and be reunited with your friends! Although anyone with a smartphone can take a selfie, did you know there are some true tips that can improve the quality and look of your photos? Yep, it’s true! Here are our three tips for getting the best selfies:

Watch your angles:: We ALL have a good side which is yours?

Take a look in the mirror or hold your phone camera up and see which side you ‘lean to’ typically we part our hair leaning toward our good side to, is this true for you? Also, try turning inward to give a more lean line.

Good light:: There is such a thing as good light & bad light

If you’re at a concert or game in the middle of the day, your best bet will be to take a selfie with sunglasses on or a hat that helps give shade relief. Harsh mid-day sun puts those dark circles under your eyes. If it’s not harsh light, try looking into the light to add?sparkle and life into your eyes! Who doesn’t love a little sparkle 😉

Above & Below:: Shoot from slightly higher than your subject/selves?for a slimmer look

When shooting from below you’re looking up the nose {no-no!} Shooting straight-on works too, just remember your best side. Lower camera angles facing upward can really be unflattering.

Three quick + easy tips, but I hope they won’t be used for your senior portraits 🙂 ?Senior year is a busy +?exciting time, and I hope you remember to schedule your senior session! If not, please contact me today, because just as quick as you snap your new selfie, those SMP senior session spots are being snapped up quick too! Let’s tell your senior story.

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