Spring Styles in 3 quick tips

Spring styles are Spring-ing up! We all start getting gitty this time of year about the new fashion trends and getting back outdoors.

My last post about the 5 Trends You Need for Spring, gives you more ideas to start planning your wears and prepping for your fun photos OUTSIDE AGAIN!

Today, I’m talking about 3 simple ways to bring a more polished + urban look to your Spring styles. I also came across a handy app to create new styles from what you have in your closet…it’s called the Stylebook App!

The Stylebook App takes your existing wardrobe (using photos from your smartphone) to build outfits into something new. Most of us barely wear the clothes we already own before the next new trend hits. So why not take pieces you already have, add a new pair of earrings, hat, light scarf etc. to bitty-bobbity-boo into a new creation?!

And if it happens to be a Cinderella formal that you want in your senior pictures – amazing! You do you + own your style!

be stylish + upcycle our wardrobe

{You may have heard of this trend called repurposed clothing, reused clothing or recycled clothing too.}

The first Spring Style move::

1/ Wear short boots or dress boots for a polished look

Matthew gives a perfect visual of wearing rolled up jeans with short-dressy boots. They add interest with color contrast to his jeans + texture {laces} to his senior pictures.

Boots anchor a look, and give a more polished look than sneakers. They’re also less stuffy than formal dress shoes {and probably more comfortable, too}.

senior-guy-style, senior-photographer, sycamore-IL, highschool-senior-photography, spring-styles

Cowboy boots aren’t just for the horse ride anymore. Look at Madi trending it up with her shorts + cowboy boot style. We styled this outfit for her bohemian inspired style. Counting down the seconds until we can be in shorts + tanks again.

Claire’s combat boot style with the leather vest + dress played perfect for the urban brick alley look. And that stare…Watch out world!

Both Beauties are wearing outfits from one of my favorite local boutiques, Shop in Style Boutique! Melissa + Michelle are the style-fairy Godmothers in there. They will pull an outfit together for you from earrings down to those black boots in a snap of a bracelet.

senior-girls, fashion, senior-style, Spring-styles,

2/ Wearing a hat adds dimension + movement

Hats – I love hats for any style season!

We’ve got to move it – move it in your photo session.

No, not rushing you through your photos kind of move it. I’m writing about the walking, tapping, dancing, strutting, twirling, skipping… kind of movement. When you’re moving you start to forget about me + my lens. Then the real fun starts in telling your story!

Back to the hats. A hat is a natural way to add life + movement, because you can incorporate it into your poses and wardrobe in 47 ways.

And the colors, shapes + sizes amps up your style-factor even more. Do you like the western style? Or more of the bohemian trend? Wool hat with a flowy top. Try UOIonline.com, Forever 21, or Target Style for great + budget-friendly hats!

Senior-style, hats, sycamore-IL-photographr

Guys, pull out your hats too!

hats, spring-styles, senior-guy

3/ Spring Styles Boho

Bohemian is one of our favorite trends, because it’s flattering + always morphing into other style trends.

Flowy tops + open shoulder tees look beautiful, give lots of movement, and styled in so many different ways in your photographs. If you’re new to the bohemian trend, or lean towards more neutral pieces, try it in small doses, like a necklace or a little fringe on a handbag.

You can utilize a trend subtly without going all out.

senior-photography, sycamore-il, boho, white-dress
senior-photography, boho, style
Boho style in your wears + har | Spring styles

There ya be! 3 quick Spring styles to get your mind turning to warmer thoughts.

I go into more details with you + have a shiny, full SMP Style Guide when you reserve your senior photo shoot with SMP. You can check out the Senior Girl Collections + Senior Guy Collections and reserve your Spring date right on the same page.

I hope to see your gorgeous self in front of my lens this Spring!

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💖Your Styling Photographer

P.S. These tips are pretty easy to implement, and you might already have the pieces in your own wardrobe! Don’t miss more great tips… Join the Sparkle Notes delivered to your inbox once-a-month for ideas and inspiration!


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