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3 Ways to Save Teenagers + Mom’s Sanity This Fall

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Hey there busy Teenager + Mom~

We might be a little less busy these days, just a tad. But sprinkle in extra stress, add online school + reduced social interactions and the recipe might not be so hot for teenagers + mom.

WE ALL NEED THIS PIECE THIS WEEK! Seriously! I try to write about things that help you, interest you, and yes, share pretty pictures.

This week is no different in that I hope to peak your interest + learn small ways to tweak your days in big ways.

Let me start with a story. Because we like stories right?

Fall is my busy season with teenagers.

Every Fall in Northern Illinois my calendar is full of high school seniors + headshot clients. It’s mostly seniors, because it’s the last-first-days of their final year in the high school halls {this year, online halls}.

Most seniors here LOVE FALL! So from August through October I arrange my calendar to capture the story of seniors, and I love it!

However, there’s a trade-off with this hustle season for me::

  • The snacks {and treats} at my desk increase
  • Skipping lunch happens often
  • My exercise routine is cut short
  • I’ve forgotten to drink enough water
  • Coffee should be in drip form instead of from a cup some days

This Fall is DIFFERENT!

Even if I’m not the right senior photographer for your teenager, I can still help you get some big improvements in these crazy days. Story over.

Now to those 3 teenager + mom time-savers I mentioned…

I have three resources for you with two books {free if you check them out from the library} + a short course.

I clicked on these all in the last 3 months and they all kinda pieced together to organize my schedule in a different way this season.

The hydration course grabbed me, yes, almost literally, after reading a line on her blog, “Eat your water.” That kinda stuff always hooks me, and I don’t even like to fish. {I’m full of bad puns.} I’ve had at least 48-ounces of water almost every day since I gave up Dr. Pepper one Lent many suns ago, but come to find out there’s a better way to get my water {and it’s not just one clear straw cup after another}.

In her course she walks you through one simple step per day + gives added resources if you want more water knowledge. It’s not all about chugging one clear cup after another {thank goodness}.

From that course I found the book Quench. It went into more details of how water fuels every part of our bodies + a better way to get it + KEEP IT in our systems. You can buy the book, or check it out from the library.

Side Note:: I’m a huge fan of the public library. There’s some debate of where is all started, but for brevity’s sake I’ll thank Benjamin Franklin and the Library Company of Philadelphia for giving us libraries.

Last, the book Better in 5 came to me this week from one of my podcasts.

That 5 stands for 5-minutes. Just 5 minutes three times/day.

If you need help with calculus I’m not your girl, but there are a few math problems I can rattle off with speed…my times-tables from grade school + any percentage discount when it comes to shoe shopping.👠👞👢

5×3=15-minutes-per-day to revive your Fall…That’s it!

I have to get back to editing, and I can’t possibly do his book justice in this short time, but I hope you peek at the link so you get the idea of how

we can all do this – YOU CAN DO THIS TEENAGERS + MOM!

I have the best intentions not to repeat bad habits each Fall season. This year, my senior season will not over-run me thanks to this final piece to my hustle puzzle. I’m only half-way into Dr. Chatterjee’s book, but I’ve already added a line on my daily, “You’ve Got This” list {translation:: “to-do” list}.

15-minutes a day.

All three of these came together to help me see that while I love what I do, I can’t sacrifice my health.Or my families when I send them to the oatmeal/cereal canister or offer scrambled eggs for the 4th night in a row.

If you try any or all three I’d love to hear your side of the story.

I hope one or all bring a smooth transition into the school year!

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💖Your Fall Senior Photographer

P.S. I feel in the times of influencer-mania I should tell you I don’t get any compensation from these links. I’m a Mom of teenagers + busy small business owner who likes to share things I love. And if I can also make your life easier…WIN-WIN!

P.P.S. If you’ve been with me in my Instagram or Facebook feeds you know that I like my coffee, share ways to get in water, different kinds of exercise {and the funny meme’s to go along with it}. If I can help or INSPIRE you then come join us!

P.P.P.S Last one, I promise! One more quick read when you’re planning for your new school year + senior year!

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