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It’s not the story we thought we’d be telling this time of year, but it pleads, and begs, to have a chapter in your book. Tell your story as it is right now.

This time of year I’d be outside with seniors + families capturing the last of your senior story in Senior Story Sessions, Cap & Gown Mini, and Sunset Sessions.

😉Since we’re behind on capturing this last piece of your senior story, and I haven’t been given the green light to start my sessions again, I wanted to help you capture something with your camera phones for your lost senior chapter.

Have you ever printed from your phone or Instagram to have keepsake photo memories?

May 1st is almost here + it’s the month pretty much all seniors wait all year for…

  • Senior Night
  • Senior Skip Day
  • Prom
  • Senior Awards Night
  • Graduation Day

This year we’re being challenged to write this last senior time in a different way. In my Instagram Stories I talked about setting up an album to keep your iPhone photos all in one place for the last 6 weeks. The photo-walks, what you’ve been binge-watching, where you’re doing e-learning, family time, new games…

Today I want to show you how take all these photos + tell your senior chapter in a way that has NEVER BEEN TOLD BEFORE {there weren’t any iPhones for the 1918 pandemic}.

tell-your-story, print-photos, senior-photography, 2020-seniors
5×5 cards decorate a dorm room perfectly

This is no kidding NEVER BEEN TOLD in the history of graduating classes! I’m with you, it’s not the way we want to tell this last piece of your high school story {I have a 2020 senior}, but until I can share in creating your story with your again I want to help you make the best of this story unfolding from a distance.

How can you tell your story?

  • Take that album on your phone and make a photo book.
  • You’re posting to Instagram? – Print them.
  • Cell phone video journal each day or week
  • Print square prints to hang in your dorm room


When you print from your phone remember that the image you see on your screen will not print that pretty in a large print {11×14, 12×12…}. We’re working with cute little pixels, and when you enlarge or stretch them past the quality of your “camera” quality, they won’t look good. All of these ideas keep your printing to about 5×5 size so you can keep your senior memory looking pristine + recognizable.

Print at home – InstaX printer

instax, print-photos, tell-your-story

I use the instax for printing polaroid-esque pictures to send in notecards. I’m working on a senior project for my girl, so I did take these with my full-frame camera and sent them to my iPhone, but this printer is made to print your pictures from your phone – so you can totally make this work.

SMP IDEA:: Print 20-40 polaroid prints that you have on your cell phone & it’ll make an easy collage wall art for your dorm room.

Online Printing – Artifact Uprising print square cards, mini calendar

calendar, print-your-photos, senior-photographers, 2020-seniors
An example of Artifact Uprising wooden calendar with magnet hanging

A few other memory keeping ideas to print your senior memories or send a cheerful note to your friends while we’re at home…

Foxprint Print stickers, magnets

Postagram Send postcards with your photos

Print Studio allows for printing from your phone album and Instagram. Prints, photo books.

I can be a wordy-writer, but if you’re skimming this blog post and take only one piece away from this article, please



Let it be that you create a memory from your 2020 senior year. However you’re feeling about how this ended for you, don’t let this chapter of YOUR STORY slip by without notice.


-Andrea {Senior Mama, Senior Photographer, Senior Memory-Keeper}

A few tidbits for the rest of your week

Recipe Share:: You need to try One Bowl Brownies from @twopeasandpod instagram post this week. If you stack ice cream on top while they’re warm, I won’t tell😉

What I’m Clicking:: Prom dress shots. Even if she doesn’t get to wear it to her senior prom, we’ll have some photos in her album.💖

Dinner Challenge:: Plan a week’s dinner from one site or cookbook. I planned from Joy’s Simple Food Remedies Cookbook this week.

P.S. If you missed it, I have a blog post on how to organize your iPhone photos. It will save you SO MUCH time when you go to look + print.


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