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Ready or not the 2018-19 school year is about to start.

Get a step ahead with these 4 hacks and you’ll have things under control and rockin’ senior, junior, sophomore, freshmen year.

Hey freshmen, these are definitely 4 tips for you walking into those new halls!

But we only have a few short weeks left of Summer so lets not waste your precious free days and get to those 4 points you came looking for.

1/ Your Agenda In Style:: Organization is KEY! You’re going to be juggling a full class load, social stuff, sports, play rehearsal, band practice, dances…You NEED TO KEEP TRACK. Get an agenda or planner that fits the way you organize {+ your style is fun too}. Kate Spade always has adorable planners + different sizes to fit your bag.

> Write or tape you class schedule inside

  > Highlight your room numbers {freshmen it’s a GREAT IDEA to go walk your schedule before the halls are packed on the first day of school}

2/ Yes, apps are a big help in organization too. A great one to help with big due dates, projects, important dates is the Any.do app. They have a web version too. It has a calendar, to-do list, and virtual-type assistant options to keep you cruising through the school year. A few other apps that other high schoolers are talking about::

> Talkboard is an app to share whiteboard work screens. Perfect when working on group projects or need to SEE an example. They have a free + paid version in the app store

> The 30/30 app is one I use to help keep me on-task for big projects. You put in your outline of tasks & assign a block of time. Timer goes off you move on to the next or plug in your break time.

> Quizlet is used by a lot of students to help memorize those facts for your test.

> iTunes Radio or Spotify. iTunes Radio is free while Spotify is $10/month, but we all need to relax + dancing it out to your favorite songs is perfect after a long day {or in the middle of the day} Don’t judge 😉

3/ Teach Yourself:: There will be subjects or chapters that you struggle with and instead of staring at the pages in your book, screen, or notes try teaching it out loud to someone else. Talking it out brings an ah-ha moment when you and a friend just can’t figure it out alone. Work smarter, not harder + two heads can be better than one when you talk it out.

4/ Productivity 101 :: Get things done in short bursts of time. The Pomodoro Technique is a primo way to keep you on task in short spurts of time. Similar to the 30/30 app above, break your tasks or assignments into short intervals of time. Set a timer for 25-minutes. When the timers goes off take a 5 or 10-minute break. After an hour or so of that routine take a longer, 30-minute break. Get up + moving for that longer break and get the blood flowing again. Energize yourself for the next study interval!

MEDIA TIP:: If you don’t use the 30/30 app, use an actual timer and not your phone timer or alarm. I don’t know about you, but when I look at my phone to reset the phone timer I get sucked into the social media abyss  {baddddd time suck}.

It’s hard to believe we are in our last few weeks of Summer, but I hope you’re relaxing and soaking up the last days of fun-in-the-sun!

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