4 fun photo ideas

4 Ridiculously Fun Ideas For Senior Pictures!

Your senior pictures are right around the corner, and I have four ridiculously fun ideas for senior pictures that don’t have you wearing your grad hat!


You’ve got a life story + your high school senior story is a BIG ONE that needs telling.

I’m your visual storyteller of this Shining Moment {a story told through pictures for the plain ol’ way to say it}.

So yes, I believe EVERY HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR should pause in their crazy busy teen life and get senior portraits taken before it’s all over forever!

Have you thought about that?

Senior year is the last year – it’s the year of lasts – it’s the end of the line – drop the mic – close-the-curtain-on-high-school kinda year! I know seniors are ready for graduation wayyyy before May.

And that is why my fun ideas for senior photos NEED to be fun. Let’s forget about the SAT, college applications, and getting an A on that Calculus quiz for a day.

Let’s HAVE FUN + capture your senior story!

Things are about to change after high school and capturing this big moment is a forever memory for both you + Mom.

Now that we agree senior pictures are a must – Let’s chat about how we have FUN and not stand there like a big-eyed bunny about to race away::

1. Remember Where You’re From

When Amber showed up in this dress at my studio, questions started racing through my head like the stock exchange ticket tracker.

She has such a colorful personality, and then she adds a piece of her heritage in her dress, and BAM… let’s play the music and have some photo fun.

Can you hear her laugh? It’s infectious, so if you haven’t – you’re missing out.

senior-picture, senior-portraits

2. Do you dance? Love a sport like LeBron? A musical Mozart? Ride horses?…

Brooke has taken dance + cheer throughout high school, and we’d miss a piece of her story if we didn’t include these ideas for senior pictures of that love.

dance-photos, dance-pictures, dance


Do you love fashion, new style trends, practicing new eye makeup, and/or model-like posing?

Senior pictures is your chance to bring out your inner Gaga. Let’s plan all the on-point outfits – even your favorite prom dress – get all glammed, and walk the red carpet for your fabulously-fun images!

senior-portraits, fashion

4. Trains – Planes – Motorcycles.

Nope, it’s not Jake’s Harley, but he loved to ride it. {It’s his Mama’s bike ;)}

senior-photographer, senior-portraits, senior-pictures, geneva-illinois, photography, photographers-near-me, portrait-photography, portraits, batavia-il

Seniors, let’s plan your final high school story that lets you – PLAY – HAVE FUN – RELAX – and just BE YOU!


đŸ’–Andrea | Your Senior Photographer

P.S. You can start getting ideas from my SMP Pinterest Boards too.


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