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4 Steps To Organize Your Photos | iPhone Tips

Say hello to an organized phone! By taking a few minutes to organize your iPhone photos you can find the exact photo when you want it. Well, maybe more than a few minutes if you take as many pictures as I do with my phone. iPhone tips you can use.

Start with a clean slate by getting all of your photos neatly organized so you can find them in a snap, or better yet, prep them for printing your memories!

Now grab your iPhone and settle in on the couch.

shining-moments-photography, photo-album, iPhone-photos, album-organization,

1/ Delete all photos that don’t make your heart go pitter-patter

Or any duplicate snaps, or the accidental shot of your big toe. Depending on how many photos you take each year this can take some time. You have your coffee, tea, or lemonade near by right?

It’s “Sip & Delete” time

shining-moments-photography, iPhone-photo-tips

2/ Pick your favs

Now that you have your photos narrowed down, go back, find 2-4 favorites from each event and hit that button below the pictures so you can add to your album.

shining-moments-photography, photo-album, album-organization, batavia-photographer, photographer-geneva-il, highschool-senior-photography

3/ Time to put categories into your Album

In your Albums section, sort your pictures into categories. For my personal/family album categories I use::

  • Trips
  • School
  • Everyday
  • Quotes
  • Your options are limitless in how you organize each Album.
  • Other Ideas: Events, People, Ideas, Inspiration, Seasons, Friends

Once you have your categories created within the album go back into your photos and add them to your specific categories.

shining-moments-photography, photo-album, photos, 2017, album-organization, batavia-photographer, highschool-senior-photographer


You have your photo’s organized and ready to find them in a SNAP! Or better yet, they’re organized and ready to PRINT!

I do love a quick iPhone photo when I don’t have my camera with me, but let’s be real, technology can be fickle & fast-changing. Don’t leave all your photos trapped on your phone. You just took the time to pick your favorites, the ones that make your heart leap, so make sure you have them FOREVER by printing them.

My clients receive their gallery on a SMP flash drive, but I ALSO have SMP PRINTED PRODUCTS in each Collection so my clients have art they can HOLD ONTO FOREVER! You can do that with your everyday memories too.

Get your memories into print!

Really, please do this last step and print your memories! You’ll never regret having printed memories around the house.

Here are some public print labs to use for your iPhone photos::

Cheers & Sparkles to getting organized with these iPhone tips!

đŸ’–Andrea | Your High School Senior Photographer


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