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Senior Pictures:: When Should I Schedule Them?

4 Tips to help you answer, “When should I schedule my senior pictures?”

This is the first of five blog articles to walk you through senior pictures from start to finish. I’d LOVE to tell your story in front of my lens for your portraits, but I also know that I can’t fit everyone into my schedule. SO, these blog posts are another way I can help you capture your high school story as best as possible.

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Here in Northern Illinois seniors toss their caps in the air every May. I’ve photographed teens in every season {yep, even in the cold of Winter}, and I get asked a lot,

“When should I reserve my senior pictures?”

It’s a great question, and one that’s completely individual. As we head into the Spring + Summer months, I get clients from both this year’s graduating class and pivot towards the upcoming senior class,

Seniors are busy humans and Summer is the best time to capture their senior moments. And Summer DOES NOT MEAN we cannot include Fall fashion {Oh yes, seriously! I’ll show you how we do it}

Here are 4 of my quick tips to help you answer that question.

Don’t race through this moment.

Don’t snap a few quick shots and call it good enough.

Celebrate who you are in your high school years, because you’re only in it once. This moment is unrepeatable!

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Looks Like Summer is Here!

1.Your Look/Wardrobe::

What do you like to wear on a daily basis? If you were to ask your Mom or BFF what kind of clothes they picture you in, what would they say? Think of a casual outfit, active outfit, best dressed, and any accessories you can’t live without right now.

2. The Best Time For Senior Pictures::

When will you have the most time? True, most people in our Chicago area love the Fall for the colors + temperature.

However, when are YOU THE BUSIEST? Most teens have more spare time in the summer months and taking the time to reserve your senior portrait session in the summer allows you to relax + enjoy it before the Fall rush.

What about the Spring blooms? True, Spring has popped up late for us here in the North, but late March through June also brings short-lived colors we don’t see for long. That means completely unique backdrops to match your uniquely you!

What time of year is your favorite + when will you have time to ENJOY your senior pictures moment?

If you’re flexible in the time of year, first decide on your favorite backdrop::

  • Urban buildings
  • City-Scape
  • Natural with a lot of Fall or Spring color
  • On your property {when does it look its best?}

Then decide on the time the time it will look the best.

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A Look of Early Fall

3. Trend-Setter::

Are you a trend-setter?  Many high school seniors think their senior session needs to be in the Fall, once their senior year starts. Not so.

This is about your moment + telling your story. If you’d rather set your portraits in the warmth of Summer, then go for it! If you love getting bundled up in heavy sweaters and cute scarves, maybe late Fall/Winter suits your style.

Be a trend-setter and take YOUR senior pictures when they best fit YOUR STORY.

4. Favorite time of year::

If you have a favorite time of year and it’s a popular one, September + October, then be sure to reserve your date SOON.

In your senior year you want to have the best memories so you look back and smile, remembering all the fun memories! Not rushing to check something else off your senior ta-da list.

This is YOUR STORY in Senior Pictures!

It’s not what everyone else is doing. Similarities with your friend’s locations + style’s is fine, but if you want senior portraits that show your kind of beautiful then don’t copy someone else’s story.

Mom + Dad want to see you in the senior pictures, and sitting down to plan that out is what I love to do! When these portraits go on the wall or in an album we want family + friends to say,

“Yep, that is totally a ______ look!”

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Brave the Cold of Winter/Early Spring

Alyssa had a great, on-trend outfit for her images, but she definitely braved the cold with this one on a late February day.

We went for an urban look in the buildings, If you love the urban look too we can schedule your senior session ANYTIME of year! I have great locations locally and in the surrounding cities.

Reserve your senior session soon. Dates go quickly!

Fall dates are EXTREMELY POPULAR in Illinois. And I release those dates in my Sparkle Notes first in case you want to one of those coveted weekend dates!

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Late Fall Colors

This is part one of five SMP Blog posts to help you with your senior pictures. I’ll be back here next Wednesday with part 2. I‘ll be going into more depth to help you capture your milestone moment!💖If you want a reminder, click one of these easy buttons to see the update posted so you don’t miss a shiny piece::

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Cheers & Sparkles to having an EPIC senior pictures memory!

💖-Andrea | High School Senior Storyteller

P.S. Here are some other sparkling resources I’ve created to help you with your Senior Moments::

P.P.S. What other tips will help you out? Send me a DM on Instagram {I’m on there daily} or ask me in the comments below. I believe EVERYONE should tell this milestone moment through photos {even if I’m not the one to shoot it with you}!

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Hope we meet in-person SOON!💖


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