4 Ways To Pass The Time

Covid-19 Pandemic. This isn’t how I wanted to become Queen!

Most of my work is spent in front of a computer editing or writing, so the “Stay at Home Order” issued for Illinois in Covid-19 times would be another day at the office. We’re on Day 11 and the “office” walls are feeling like the room in Willy Wonka that squeezed everyone closer & closer & …

Are you feeling the same?

I’m loving the extra family time, but we also needed new ideas to pass all the extra time. I’ve re-written my upcoming blog posts to help get through this challenging, historic, scary, crappy, unstable, {insert your feeling here} time. We’re all in different places + different emotions in this pandemic, but we’re ALL THE SAME in never going through an influenza pandemic before {unless you’re over 102 years-old}.

The CDC + other experts are giving tips on how we can stay healthy in this Covid-19 outbreak, but stress can wreck serious havoc on our body, and keeping that in check is equally important. If you need a quick list of ideas, try these 16 ways to relieve stress. Over the next five weeks I’ve outlined new blog posts to help me + my royal subjects pass the time in our small kingdom, and help you too.

First off, I’ve turned off my news notifications. I’m trusting those much smarter than me, to place us in the best place while doing my part. We’re following the ‘Stay Home Order’ announced last week by our Governor.

I’m focusing my energy on finding creative ways to ENJOY + FIND FUN + RELAX.

If you’ve been around me + Shining Moments Photography you know I like to exercise, practice yoga, want to be a nutritionist when I grow up, and writing blog pieces mainly about teen life {and take the images that tell a story}.

I’m a mom of teens, senior and headshot photographer, and I love writing about this teen chapter + spreading resources for all of us with teenagers + college students can benefit from.

Writing about this thing we call parenting

Since I’ve cancelled my upcoming sessions it’s a perfect time to start a new blog series + show how we can tell this historic story.

Because YOU KNOW this will be in the history, Chrome, memory chips or whatever “book” students in the future use in school. There’s always a story to tell and right now you can tell a HISTORIC ONE with this Covid-19 pandemic.

For today…Give one new thing a try!

  • Never journaled? Start today by writing three things you’re thankful for
  • Hate exercise? Put in your earbuds and go for a walk {I lose track of time when I listen to an audio book or podcast}
  • Never drink water? Fill up three bottles & see how many you get through before bed

I hope you’ll peek + chime in on the posts and add what you’re doing to pass the time or how you’re feeling. If social media is the only way we can be social right now – then let’s SHARE some positive vibes!



Being Part of Covid-19 History and SMP blog posts to help::

  1. Three Yoga Poses To Relax + Good At-Home Yoga Sources
  2. Cardio + Sweating It Out To Detoxify
  3. Go To Your Corner! Alone time
  4. THE STORY of All Senior Stories! The Epic Memory!

Until next time, peek at these past blog posts::

As always, I leave you with a few random tidbits before you go about your day…

What I’m Re-reading:: Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

Food For Thought:: Eating a handful of pistachios is a high-dose melatonin supplement. Having a few before bed helps with sleep.

Current Podcast:: Experts on Expert {Dax Shepard}

CHEERS & SPARKLES to making memories through this chapter!


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