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5 Life Lessons I Learned from My High School Freshman

5 life lessons we can all learn from a freshmen

My high school freshmen moved to a college freshmen faster than you can flip your hair back, but these 5 life lessons still sing true.

Did ya catch that hair bit? She’s a singer too, “Sing true”🤣

That little play on words should be my first clue NOT to write at 10:57 p.m.

However, the 5 life lessons still sing true!

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I took these images of Emma the Summer before she started high school. Now, as we prep for her freshmen year of college this Summer I look back at these images + life lessons I wrote back then. I’ll be looking back at her senior portraits as she graduates college too.

I Wonder how fast THOSE YEARS will pass?

Life has moved fast. I’m much better at stopping to treasure the time with my kids then I was just 5 years ago.

My daughter is entering her freshman year, of college this time. When I first wrote this post she was going into high school.

These 5 lessons keep reminding me she’s HER OWN PERSON.

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The High School Mom writing:: I’ve been considering this more and more, and trying to soak in these moments. I wanted to share some recent things my daughter has taught me…I’m still learning after all these years!

1/ For my freshman, fashion isn’t everything

Most days she is perfectly happy in a t-shirt and gym shorts, which is ironic since the last thing she wants to do is play sports!

2/ Life does not revolve around sports

This was a hard one to accept. Others in the house love watching and playing sports, but Emma prefers to sing, dance and read. And really, she has a point, because after the game is over – it’s done, life goes on, win or lose {she brings us back to reality after getting caught up in the game}.

3/ Just because you’re a girl, doesn’t mean you can’t like sci-fi books + movies

4/ If there is a book – it must be read!

Awesome reminder for me to slow down and take time to read and relax.

5/ Life is not lived through social media

Oh how I need this reminder. She isn’t on the big teen social sites much, and it reminds me to get off too.

As she prepares to start high school, I’m a big ball of emotions…I’m excited for her to meet new friends, try new clubs, and form amazing memories.

I’m also scared of the pressures that come along in high school, but I’m optimistic she will spread her wings and see how her talents shine.

While most of her friends are involved in sports, it never clicked for her. But her voice is angelic. And that is her high school sport… singing + musicals!

Now I’m a College Freshmen Mom:: Capturing a few last moments before the high school year’s begin. What 5 life lessons has your high schooler taught you this year?

Cheers & Sparkles to your high school years!

💖Andrea | High School Senior Photographer

If you are like me and facing a new season of life with your kids, I’d love to help you think up a fun photo shoot to remember this time! You won’t regret having these photos when you look back in the years to come.

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