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5 Study Tips To ACE Finals | Senior Photographer | Geneva Illinois

5 Study Tips To ACE Your Finals

Here we go! Like it or not finals are coming. Before you get to relax for break I’ve got 5 study tips to help get your through finals.

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1/ Listen to music WITHOUT lyrics

There’s actually a study that proves listening to music without lyrics can improve your concentration and memory. I would personally recommend Lindsey Stirling or other violinists/cellists. Piano covers are good, too.

2/Make sure there aren’t any electronics (e.g. TV, Xbox, laptop, PHONE) to distract you.

Take it from me, if it’s between studying for your upcoming math test or checking your Tumblr account, you’ll always choose Tumblr. It’s much more fun looking at fanfiction/fan art than trying to memorize the quadratic formula.

3/Take breaks

It’s not only taxing to stare at your study guide for three hours straight, it’s unhelpful. You start to zone out, and you might find that you totally blanked those last two pages and need to go back, which sucks. When you take breaks, though, make sure they’re regulated. Don’t just leave your studying at one and remember around seven. Give yourself thirty minutes to an hour to eat something, play on your phone, text friends, socialize, then get back to studying.


If you really don’t understand a concept, don’t sit there and stare at it and pray that you’ll suddenly get it. You won’t. Talk to a teacher that really gets it and can explain it to you. Most of them are available before or after school.

5/Make sure not to multitask

If you’re at play rehearsal, don’t skim your science study guide while simultaneously trying to memorize lines. That’ll just leave you with a headache, no knowledge of science, and a bunch of unlearned lines. Make sure you’ve got nothing going on (or, for busy people, LESS going on). Study games help too, if you’ve got a Quizlet or a Kahoot, use those to make study questions.

Meet the Writer:: Emma is interested in studying Education and English Studies with an emphasis in Digital Film + Screenwriting. She has a passion for creative writing, reading, traveling, performing, and singing. When she isn’t practicing for musicals or choir, she is hanging with friends or just relaxing at home with a good book.

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