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Cap & Gown pictures are the final keepsake of senior year and these 5 tips will ensure this LAST MOMENT will shine bright long after the day has passed.

1. This is basic, but SO IMPORTANT… Press that gown!

This is one of the biggest days in high school life right here and you hear me chant it all the time… IT ONLY HAPPENS ONCE!

Don’t tarnish this memory with a wrinkled gown. It doesn’t take long, but it makes a huge difference in your photos. You can hang them up and steam the wrinkles out, or if using an iron, either place a pillowcase over the gown and iron as normal or use a low heat setting. Graduation gown material is traditionally thin or silk-like so using a hot iron can damage the material.

2. Add your kind of SHINE

Decorated caps are allowed at the college level, but most high school’s won’t let graduates jazz up their caps for the graduation ceremony. I work around that, by having the senior bring their cap creation, or use the fun ones I create for my Cap & Gown Event so that we can have a little fun + showcase the seniors personality. This is the LAST MOMENT in high school. Showing where or who you are right now before life changes is important. Life will be changing faster than you can imagine, but in portraits we get to look back and have each chapter with us forever.? Traditional Cap & Gown portraits are important, but infusing your personality into a few shots shows the world your kind of shine!

3. Bring along an emergency kit

A few little items can really make a difference, so plan ahead and bring these pieces with your to your portraits and to the graduation ceremony.

Bobby-pins to hold your cap on {we are the Windy City}

Pop-dots to keep that tassel in its place {they’re stringy-they’re floppy so help them stick together}

Lip gloss/stick for the gals and chapstick for the guys {no-no-no to dry/cracked lips}

Baby wipes for any unexpected slips {with the lipstick, something on the cap or gown…}

4. College ‘T’ to wear under the gown so you can “reveal” your next chapter

5. Enjoy every moment along with your senior and have these images professionally taken

Getting their cap & gown images professionally taken gives Mom a chance to ENJOY THE MOMENT!? As a senior photographer I take the stress and run-around away so Mom + Senior can enjoy these last fleeting times of high school. Having these portraits taken ahead of Graduation Day is another way to help you take part + enjoy every moment,?and not race around the day of getting these moments before they’re gone. You can sit back, relax and know you’ll have all the images you need FOREVER.

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