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5 Ways To Shine a Spotlight on Your Senior Year | Sycamore IL

5 ways to spotlight your senior year in Sycamore IL + any high school you’re at

Today’s Senior Spotlight are on a few 2021 Graduates from Sycamore IL, to help you choose how you will tell your story before you leave the high school chapter behind. And the first question is, “When you think of high school or senior year what are the three biggest moments that pop into your mind?This is the start line for deciding what you want to capture in your photoshoot.

1\What are 5 big moments in high school?

Make a list of your top 3-5 BIG MOMENTS from high school. This list isn’t limited to things that happened INSIDE HIGH SCHOOL. Community events, your high school job, volunteer work, a shadow program… The list is yours and no one else’s. This is where NO RULE APPLIES on what you can include. It’s your story right?

2\What did you wear the first day of school?

If coming up with your favorite Sycamore IL High School moments isn’t clicking for you yet, start planning your outfits. You want to walk through those high school doors on the first day back feeling confident and looking great! Same feelings you want to start your senior photo session.

Even back in Mom’s day they put a lot of thought into what to wear on the first day back to school. We all have to wear clothes, so start here if that’s easiest + you love shopping clothes, fashion trends, or have your own kind of style. Design your outfits from clothes – to jewelry – to shoes – to any props you want in your senior pictures.

sycamore il, senior photographer, high school senior photographer
Abbie wanted pops of bright colors in her senior photos. The blues in her outfit POPPED off the pink+yellow backdrop!
Sycamore IL photographer, blue wall, senior pictures, portraits, your story
After the studio shoot, I scouted this bright blue spot in Sycamore IL for another POP OF COLOR.

3\What accessories do you love right now?

Accessories add texture to your images + those with special meaning can add to your photo memory. certain one’s are also used as props in your senior pictures. Is there a pair of sunglasses or shoes you love? What about hats? For Abbie it was a few pieces of jewelry and pops of color. The pink+yellow pop of color I created in my studio. This was our first location to get off to a bright start 😉

Sycamore IL, Sycamore photographer, high school senior, photography seniors
Favorite accessories for Noelle this year were her black Dr Martens boots + edgy blue denim jacket

4\In Sycamore IL there are great hidden gems

Another way to spotlight your high school years is finding the locations that you love!

  • Are you more urban and uptown or rural and walking paths?
  • Little bit country or rock-n-roll? {Seriously, there are ways to showcase that piece too in locations}
  • Fall colors, changing leaves, and the look of natural parks?

I’ve scouted all kinds of locations for seniors from Sycamore to Geneva to Naperville, to personal property. And you can mix both… Noelle’s boots + jacket fits an urban vibe, but the backdrop of a wooded park made her outfit standout in nature. Works either way on this one!

What if Mom wants one look and Senior wants another?

Abbie wanted pops of colors in her senior story, but Mom also wanted some natural backgrounds to frame. I scouted a lot of different locations to get them BOTH what they wanted. Abbie had her pop of bright pink, yellow and blue and in our third location we captured nature for Mom.

I aim to get both sides in your senior portrait story. As a Mama of teens myself I know it’s a big deal to both of you!

location, natural, Sycamore photographer, high school senior photographer
photographer Geneva IL, St Charles IL, photography, best locations, senior photographer
If you don’t have a location in mind but want something different, I can help with that too.

5\What does your next chapter hold?

This last idea focus’ on what’s to come + family.

You’ve picked your favorite outfits, we’ve found the locations, but what about adding in a sneak peek of where you’re going next? Or bringing in the whole family in the Spring? In the Senior Luxe Collection, you get it all! You get your senior portrait session in whichever season you choose {Summer, Fall, Spring}, and then, in the Spring or Summer we get your family together one last time before college life begins and capture everyone together!

  • Family portraits ✔️
  • Cap & Gown photos ✔️
  • College swag reveal ✔️
  • A family memory together before college life starts ✔️
  • This year’s holiday card all ready to go! ✔️

It’s really fun to get a glimpse of your next college chapter too. Pick up or order your first college t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat and let’s have fun adding that piece into your senior session or the Spring family session as the last piece of your high school days.

Make this your “PEACE OUT” high school moment!

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💖 Sycamore IL Senior Photographer

P.S. If you’re looking for more great location or ‘What To Wear’ ideas I have THESE SMP POSTS. Or if you just like picture ideas, that’ll be my Pinterest Boards.

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Make your senior pictures…ALL YOU! From your wardrobe, locations, hair + nail style. SHINE YOU!


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