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Professional quality head shots are an important part of a successful signature?brand. By quality head shots I mean professional images with a professional?photographer who knows how to bring out your kind of awesome!

If you find that?

  • Your current head shots don?t showcase the professionalism?of your website and other marketing materials,
  • Your profile image and promotional materials don?t convey who you truly are?and…
  • It’s hard to relax when a camera is pointed in your general direction,

then find a head shot photographer who specializes in helping business owners and creatives express their ‘signature’ through their photos. There is an art and psychology behind head shot photography. You want to express your unique personality at your photo session, as well as having fun and feeling comfortable!

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If you?re ready to step into the spotlight and open a doorway into your personality, professional photos are a must.

Build up your headshot confidence before going into your session and read my 6 tips below for your best success in your photo session.

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6 Tips For Your Best Head Shots

1. Loosen Up

Sometimes we try way too hard in our professional photos and end up looking stiff. Music helps relax and gives our mind a new focus, on the music rather than the lens in front of us. Maybe even dance it out right before. This gets some energy moving and results in images that are authentic instead of stiff.

2. Channel Your Inner SuperWoman | SuperMan

Your mindset makes a big difference at your photo shoot. Leading up to your photo shoot, immerse yourself in confidence boosting activities. Confidence boosting activities vary for each person, they could be going on a hike, dressing in clothes that make you feel beautiful, spending time with friends who believe in you, or listening to certain music.

3. Be Healthy…Like SUPER HEALTHY

The way you feel physically, impacts your emotional state and energy level. You want to feel your absolute BEST at your photo shoot so your images show the beautiful, vibrant, authentic you! If you don’t already, two weeks before your session, eat extra healthy, drink tons of water {like over the top amounts of water}, and exercise {even just brisk walks leading up to your shoot}.

4. Sleep Matters {A LOT}

Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise. It?s pretty much impossible to project a shining presence when you?re sleep deprived, so make sure you get enough sleep in the weeks leading up to your headshot shoot.

5. Makeup and Hair Matter

There?s a difference between everyday makeup and professional makeup for the camera. Make-up artists know how to prep your face for the camera. If you’re confident in applying camera-ready make up I offer my clients a make up guide.? Visiting the ladies at Sephora or Ulta can recommended products for the camera.

Make sure your hair is freshly trimmed and colored one week leading up to your head shot session.

Use your best judgment when deciding whether you do your own hair and makeup or you have it professionally done, but don?t downplay the importance of hair and makeup ? it dramatically helps the look in your?images. And some extra pampering is fun too 😉

6. Choose Clothes That Represent You

Before you choose your headshot outfits, think about how you want to represent you and your brand. What are your brand colors? What are the emotions and characteristics you want to convey ? soft, daring, modern, spiritual, elegant, etc? As a professional, it?s your job to make sure you?re ?on brand? through all platforms, including your headshots. If this feels overwhelming or confusing, ask me, I can help you plan for your amazing head shot images!

I’ve written more Headshot Tips?{also found under the Headshots menu tab} to help you prepare for your shoot. I wrote this recent BLOG POST to help think about your “why” in updating your headshots.

Past clients have thanked me for being a resource AND their headshot photographer, and I hope I’ve helped you relax before updating your professional images.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in front of my lens soon!

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headshots, head shot, headshot photographer

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