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9 Things To Get A Healthy Start Today

Cheers to your health! Let’s get started! The holidays are gonzo and now, “I like ta move it – move it”… Name that movie song.

I’ve been looking for a new workout that I can fall in love with again, or at least fall in like with to get moving.

A little backstory in case you’re new here…

I had back surgery in late 2018 and following that I had to switch up my entire workout routine. I’ve pretty much done it all when it comes to sports and exercise, but kickboxing was my class love – LOVE not like – I looked forward to my 45-minute routine.

I’ve had back twinges for years, but controlled it up to, “the big squeeze” that later turned to surgery. After that my kickboxing days were done {super sad face}.

Treadmill – so-so like

Elliptical – kinda like

But last November I finally stepped out of my safe, cozy, comfort-zone and started what I thought I could kinda-love…


Before you say, “I can’t dance!” Lem-me say that I can hold my own in a lot of sports, but when it comes to anything dance related I’m a 2×4 that tries to bend & twist! It’s not pretty!

I’m still rhythmically-challenged, but I’ve graduated past running like Phoebe with every song in class now {making up moves just to keep moving}.


We don’t have to go ALL IN at something, but we have to start somewhere for the health of it. It’s taken me almost two years to work up the nerve to go to Zumba class.


I finally did it, and as of last Monday, I moved myself to the advanced Zumba class {woo-hoo!} I’m awful again…but oh well,… “That’s me, the rhythmically-challenged one in the back row.”

If we never start – we’ll never get there.

Here’s a list of 9 ideas | To Your Health

Pick one or two and focus on that for the next 21-days {takes 21 days to form a habit}.

  1. JUST DO IT:: What do you like or used to like? Start it up today {biking, walking, jumping rope, step aerobics, swimming, yoga, dancing in your basement, Zumba anyone?…}
  2. MAKE IT FUN:: Make the first healthy step something that is or could turn into FUN {if we like it – it sticks}
  3. DRINK WATER:: Last week I wrote about what a big deal water was to our skin, maybe this is the place to start. I follow the half-your-weight method. Take your weight, divide by 2, drink that many ounces a day.
  4. MOVE IT:: Don’t have a fun idea to try yet, just keep moving at first {instead of sitting to watch a show, pace or treadmill} {walk at lunch to a Podcast}
  5. SET YOUR DAYS:: Walking 2x/week at lunch – move up to 3-days and put the exact days on your calendar. When we set a date + time on the calendar we’re better at sticking to it.
  6. BUDDY SYSTEM:: Accountability works. We talk ourselves out of going to that Zumba class, but if we’re meeting a friend we push harder to get our buns out the door.
  7. CUT IT OUT:: Pick one food or drink to cut out today {replace it with a water bottle}.
  8. MAKE IT A GAME:: I find a podcast that’s 30-60 minutes and can’t get off the elliptical until it’s over {fast, slow, resistance or not – I keep going until it’s over}. Make a music playlist that’s 30-40-60-minutes long & go to the end.
  9. PICK A COLOR:: Add a new fruit or veggie to breakfast, snack, dinner… Pinterest has some great recipes for ideas. {tried zoodles yet? I have good ones on my food board}

Weird Water Fetish…

I’m a better water drinker when I drink from a straw than a glass or water bottle. Weird cup fetish – maybe. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have my favorite coffee mugs too. Every night I fill them up so it’s the first thing I go to {straw ones for home + 1 workout bottle}

What health ideas do you have that motivates you?

The best place to start is TODAY. Pick something and do it. If you don’t like it, change it. Just like the leaves in Fall – we can change…Even better than the leaves, we can change ANYTIME WE WANT. 😁

If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach or mountains then jump out and get some fresh air {and color me jealous}.

When we’re visiting family back home a walk on the beach or up in the trails gets me out EVERYDAY. Malls are good too🤣

What I’m currently watching {in case you need a few treadmill ideas}::

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel {Amazon Prime} If you’re sensitive to language might be cringe-worthy to you.
  • The Morning Show {Apple TV} Jennifer Aniston + Reese Witherspoon – need I say more {but language here too}

Currently Listening to {treadmill, walking, stairs, and editing😉}::

  • Experts on Expert with Dax Shepard {loved the one with Malcolm Gladwell}
  • Workout playlists on Spotify
  • Little Women on Hoopla

Thanks for peeking by this week!



P.S. If you’re curious or going through back pain…here’s my back surgery struggle.

P.P.S. If you’re thinking about yoga as your first big – new step…here’s a few pose ideas to try at home.

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