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Worth every word when you speak from kindness.

Speak with kindness + take the time to see the beauty.

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Speak with kindness in your words. Take time to see + say how each person you spend time with has beauty. We’re all beautiful in our unique way, but reminding others of that is rarely shown.

Mom came along to help at her daughters senior session. We had driven to the second location and while her daughter was changing into another outfit, mom came and shared what her daughter had just asked her in the car.

“Do you think Andrea meant all those things she said at the last location, or does she say that to all the seniors?”

{insert silent gassssppppp}

I was grateful to mom for sharing that with me, but it was a bit of a stomach-punch. Have other clients thought that, but just not said anything?

I’m raising a daughter too, and lets face it, most of the media + magazines don’t spread the love for true beauty. Being a teenage girl in this social media age is tough. I want my Emma to focus on her assets and strengths. I want her to know that no one is perfect, but there is something beautiful in every person.

Do we all look at ourselves in the mirror and see the external features?


But it’s the criticism that we speak to ourselves + what others say that can really damage us.

Make the effort to see it + say it.

I take that same message to my clients…who doesn’t like to hear compliments? When I coach or direct a teen or senior for a pose, it’s to focus on their strengths that I see. And what I see may be different than what someone else will see…but that’s pretty cool?

In my time with a senior, I may notice the long-thick eye lashes with the sprawling blue eyes, but mom behind me see’s the dimple in her cheek that only appears with a genuine smile or laugh.

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My point….there’s something beautiful in all of us and I say it out loud. I hope I don’t sound fake, I hope you don’t think, “she says that to all the girls.”

I truly mean every word.

I’ve had the privilege to photograph so many seniors and each one brings something bright ~ beautiful ~ fun to our session!

Share the kindness…

Voice the Beauty in others…

It’s worth the time to share the uniqueness that each one of us possess!

Tell someone how they sparkle…Tell the gal sitting next to you how cute her eyes, style, boots, hair…is today. Notice someone is missing their smile today, take a minute to ask why. We’re touched to know that someone is kind enough to notice.

If I’ve had a session with you or will soon ~ please know that when I say it, it’s worth every word…

Because I mean it!

We’ve all got sparkle, so shine it & shine it bright for all to see!

💖Andrea | Shining Moments Photographer

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