A Mom Update for 2020


It’s been a relaxing two weeks for this Mom, minus the long day at the airport to get home for Christmas. But adventure comes in all packages and it’s another story for the memory books. We ended up where we needed to be, just had a wrong turn in Albuquerque.

Since I had time waiting in the airport it gave me a chance to look back at past questions I asked on my Instagram and Facebook stories to see what y’all want more of from me {besides when you jump in front of my lens}.

Your suggestions gave fun blog post ideas that I’m turning into themes each month – THANK YOU! Y’all know how much I love themes!

January’s theme will be all about MOM.

And if you’ve been around for any length of time you know a few things about me…

  • I love learning new things
  • Telling your story through my lens is my favorite
  • Trying out the latest trends is fun
  • I love spreading a little sparkle whenever I can

So the Mom-Theme this month is on us Mom’s and how we change things up with our hair, makeup, + skincare once we move into that next phase {life after 40 and dancing next to 50}.

In case you’re curious…Here’s the lineup for the MOM MONTH::

  • Week 1 – Makeup do’s & don’t’s
  • Week 2 – Skincare
  • Week 3 – Hairstyle for our Face Shape {I’m changing mine again}
  • Week 4 – Health {spoiler alert – water is still a big deal}

I’ll be posting to my Facebook + Instagram pages when the posts are out in cyberspace so if you’re not already, click those links and get ready for some 2020 sparkle – Mom Style!

If you’re not into the January theme, that’s okay, still follow on IG or FB and catch February… Tips & Tricks Theme when using your cell phone for photos {NOT for the big story moments of course, but our camera phones are pretty handy on the go}.

As always, thanks for supporting my small biz in booking a session, reading my blog, commenting on my posts, or answering my polls when I put them out there…

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! My Sparkling-Heart πŸ’–

andrea, signature, shining-moments-photography

πŸ’–And the February line-up has more fun stuff coming for your iPhone moments!


And if you have an 18th Birthday coming up in your house this year, I have the idea for you!


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