A New One Coming!

Spring is Spring-ing and with it I’m Spring-ing a new Senior Collection into the SMP session line-up.

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I’ve heard from Mom’s, mostly Mom of boys that they want their senior memory captured but their son “isn’t that into it”.

Oh boy do I get it!

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For my Spring 2020 seniors and Fall 2021 seniors I created a new mini-senior-session to test + see how it goes. I’ve launched it to my Sparkle Note Subscribers {my e-mail subscribers get everything first}.

Fall is the most popular time in Illinois. The weather is kind to us + the Fall colors are stunning {and yes, in a masculine kinda way too ;)}!

And true, you can’t see them in the black + white images, but you’ve seen Fall and you’re envisioning your senior in front of those bright orange, yellow, and red trees right now aren’t you?

I add the black + white for

  • the spice
  • the drama
  • the mystery
  • the intrigue

Which one of those words describes your senior? There’s a story there to show.

senior-pictures, senior-portraits, Geneva-Illinois, Batavia-Illinois, highschool-senior-photography

We all have different stories to tell and all different ways to tell that story. As a boy-Mom I know exactly how “FUN” it can be when you really want to capture the memory forever, but raise your hand if you have a son that looks like he ate a bowl full of lemons when you say, “We’re taking senior portraits”.

I want to help make it a win-win for both sides. My new Senior Collection captures your teen in one short + fun shining moment!

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This last high school chapter ONLY HAPPENS ONCE, it’s a big deal, and it gives us Mom’s a memory to look back on forever!



P.S. If you missed the monthly Sparkle Note CONTACT me and I’ll send the new Senior Collections to you now.

P.P.S. As long as we’re sharing new stuff, if you have a book or series you love to read, I’m in need of a new one. I’m almost through my current reads ⇣⇩⇣

Currently Reading:: I’m almost finished with the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard and I’m looking for a new Fun Read – Any ideas?

Currently Drinking:: Do you like caramel? Vanilla? If you’re a white-coffee-drinker like me, I found a new creamer by Chobani to try. 3 ingredients {yes, one of them is sugar, but lets treat ourselves☺️} A little splash of sweet to start the morning!

Current Makeup Find:: Without sounding like an infomercial…if you like a suntan without the sun damage then you’re going to love my new find in Tan Luxe for face. I add 2-4 drops {depending on time of year} to my serum or moisturizer.

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