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Small Business Marketing Ideas

Small business marketing is rapidly changing. I only live one time but I change it up about every 30 days. What about you? Have you given the 30-Day Post a go yet? I’m continually upping my game on small business marketing ideas for my photography business.

The basics of marketing are solid, but it’s the twists & turns of technology that keep us learning new ways to grow. With the advent of social media, small business are able to equal the marketing of big box businesses.

I stepped up on the low-dive to the 30-day idea and now I’m ready to leap from the high-dive. Since last September I’ve been moving my way through obstacles 30-days at-a-time.

I’ve got my 30-day-goals outlined and my mind is spinning like a run-away hamster wheel reading my new book. Part of the focus is drowning out the “PERFECTION” voice in our head.

I’ve been building my small business around family life for nearly ten years. I sacrificed family time in round 1 {the building years}, because I thought that’s how it should be done to build a good business.

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Small Business Marketing Ideas to boost your productivity each day

Small business marketing idea #1::

It’s NOT! It’s not for me anyway. Set clear boundaries in your business + take the time to build relationships and provide more value. I restructured, turning my business towards building relationships so I could tell a story behind the portraits of a high school senior or branding session and not just a few static snapshots. {Side note:: Graduating high school is a big – ginormous event with great stories!}

My focus centers more on the details that paint the picture of the whole scene. I’m also able to plan + get more accomplished during the school day without sacrificing time when my teens are home.

In the midst of all the changes I had a hard time doing business tasks in a timely + organized flow. For example, writing a blog post took me over a week, and when my goal was to write one per week I was drowning in a sea of thoughts that I couldn’t string together perfectly. {There’s a lot of swimming analogies for this week. My brain is really wanting Summer.}

I give value and free tips for everyone on the SMP Blog every Wednesday. Since we’re on the topic of business this week, I’ll give you blog pieces that will help you in your business::

Small Business Marketing Idea #2::

Search for the best fit for your business. I read boss books, inspirational books, + take small biz classes. I know how to take professional + fun photography, but I need to constantly keep up with the changing times of business marketing for my photography business to grow. And, I had to get past the paralyzing thoughts, disease-like really, of perfectionism {it could totally be my disease}. Once I started doing instead of thinking about doing, my business really started to grow.

This is the good stuff – the part that HELPS YOU!

Reading the book, “Finish” by Jon Acuff did exactly what the title professed. I finished tasks that I kept putting off because they were not perfect. Not only does he have a quirky sense of humor, but his ideas of how to FINISH your goals, project, or just blowing the biggest bubble with a piece of Hubba Bubba gum, are spot on. {Can you see why I like his quirky humor?}

Prepare to ask yourself some hard questions and not just snuggle on the couch to get lost in the words. I learned that I need to put tasks in bite-sized chunks. I’m more of a fun-size Twix’s than a king-size bar. I probably consume the same amount, but I just need to space it out instead of everything all at once.

Whether your goal is working on a business, organizing the house, applying to colleges, or swimming more laps in the pool, make it work FOR YOU. I’ve read a mix of books that have turned things around for me + my biz. AND THE BIGGEST PIECE … Let go of making it perfect so I can get it DONE!

Three good books::

Do you have a good business book, or two?

Hmmmmm, maybe it’s time to start a book club? Or do I already have one?

Yes, yes I do! Ready to join us for the SMP 2021 Book Club? Or are you just looking for a few new fun reads?

We’ll part this week with a quote from Finish that is on a post-it note in my office, “Make it fun if you want it done.”

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Thanks for peeking by this week! I hope it sparked new small business marketing.ideas.

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