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A Reading Nook + May Book | Geneva Illinois

What does a reading nook have to do with the SMP Book Club?

Two things::

  • 1/A reading nook is a cozy place to carve out for you, a good book, + coffee
  • 2/It’s a place set for reading or journal writing only. Your self-care space
  • 3/Ok, there’s a third. It’s an excuse to go shopping and create a new corner for you and your books

And if you don’t like the design or creative part, I’ll help you with ideas. Big space or small, lots of pillows + cushions, or a chair, there is a design space for everyone to relax with our May book, The Bromance Book Club, by Lyssa Kay Adams

first, let’s peek at ways to set up your reading space

Emma is coming home from college this month and she’s been asking for more book space. While I spend my extra money on clothes + shoes, she goes right to books. That image below are all the orders she sent home this semester. Good thing this girl got a job because the graduation money has to be pretty thin by now.

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She already had two book shelves that frame her bed. But as long as there are authors writing her genre of books, she’ll be a loyal buyer. She is comfortable reading anywhere, but she does have a small reading nook in the corner of her room.

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With all those new purchases, her space is getting crowded and she sweet-talked her Dad into adding a few more shelves in her room.

“I have unused space in my closet,” she said.

Yes, I’m asking the same question, “Why aren’t you using it for clothes.?” Emma and I are different in a lot of ways, which I actually love because she’s taught me a lot being her Mom.

But this one…

Using closet space for something other than clothes

Baffling to me!

That’s what leads to adding a space to this month’s book club post. If you want to carve out a small, quiet space for your reading too, let’s decide on these three things before shopping.

3 Things you need for your reading nook::

  • 1/ Decide how you’re most comfortable reading? Sitting up, laying down, cushy or firm chair…?
  • 2/ Designate space for reading and/or journal writing {away from where you work, or sleep}
  • 3/ Gather ideas from my Pinterest reading nook board before you start shopping
small space, book stack, SMP book club, Sycamore Illinois

That is Emma’s current space. But as long as her Dad is adding more book space, I thought I’d join in and create a cozier place to read all those books. But not too cozy, or she may not come out of her room until it’s time for school in the Fall.

one book for May + designing a reading nook to realx

Different than the last three months, I only had time to read one book. And I liked it enough to read the second in the series. Maybe once we get Emma’s new space organized she’ll share with me?

The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams

How I read:: Hardcover

Synopsis:: This is book one in a four part series. The fourth hasn’t released at the time of this post. It’s an easy, quick read. It does have some language + a few racy scenes in case that makes you uncomfortable. Harvey’s Tales, in Geneva Illinois always has the latest finds, and if they don’t, they can usually order the books for you.

Gavin is a major league baseball player and his marriage is teetering on a strike-out. He finds help in the most unlikely place of a secret book club with his teammates. Can a romance novel really save his marriage? Read it and see.

I hope your May reads are spent in a comfy reading nook all your own.

And if you carve out a space I’d love to see what you create. Share in the comments, tag or direct message me on Instagram.

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Are you joining us for the first time this month? TERRIFIC! I’m happy you’re here!

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The sunny outdoor reading space works too😊


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