Hey There!  I’m Andrea.

A Northwest girl living in Sycamore, Illinois, married 26-years to my high school sweetheart, and Mama of two teenagers, a college freshmen + a sophomore in high school.

I grew up in Walla Walla, Washington, a small town similar to Sycamore. The town made the map for their Walla Walla Sweet Onions and an appearance on the Bugs Bunny Show. Yes, strange, but true. I’m a creative photographer, but I am not creative enough to make that up.😉 

Throughout high school, athletics were my life. In college I pursued a degree in public relations with the goal of working for a professional basketball team. {No, not on the court. I was fast, but vertically challenged at 5’3″ ;)} I earned my dream job with the Seattle SuperSonics after graduation and thought I landed my forever career!

I loved that chapter of my life, + all the ones that have come after it. But turns out 60-80 hour work weeks were fun in my 20’s, but as I inched closer to 30, + thinking about starting a family, it was time to make a change. If you’re in your teens + 20’s that may seem strange. But Mom understands.

We all go through different phases in life, like the chapters in a book. And it’s one of the reasons I love capturing this last high school moment so much.

My next chapter was in the classroom teaching high schoolers {the most fun age}, I was on the court coaching, + altered my career to allow us to start our family. Today, I am a Mama first and photographer second. I’ve been telling a visual story of my Littles for the last 19-years. My Littles cover my walls, albums, and yes, I’ve filled my google photos app with them too.

Why share each of those pieces of my story?

You are reading this as a teenager, parent, or someone looking for a professional headshot & Branding Photographer. {I’ll get to that headshot part down below.} It’s about my story + showing you how I capture your story. You capture the little moments on your phone, I capture your BIG MOMENTS so you can enjoy + look back on them FOREVER!

To the Seniors + Mama of a Senior::

The last three years of high school have flown by faster than the supersonic Concorde airliner and now it’s time to capture this milestone story before the next adventure starts. This is the last year of seeing the people in class, the last big meet-up for prom photos, the last year playing on the court or binge watching Bridgerton with your best friends, and, and…

You have a lot of memories in your four short high school years. I know, it didn’t always seem so short.

Capture this piece in time so you can treasure it forever. Your story is uniquely YOU! And senior year is a milestone in life. So much changes after your graduation cap is tossed into the air. My 2020 graduate didn’t get her graduation ceremony or to toss her cap in the air with her class of 2020, but we did capture her most favorite pieces of high school.

We went to locations that shined her personality. Put together outfits that matched her style + her love of musical theatre, music, and Doc Marten style. 

Celebrate THIS Shining Moment by visually creating your storybook high school ending💖 

Why’s it such a big deal?

Senior pictures are the last chance to remind seniors to let go of the pressures for a day, have fun, capture your favorite pieces of high school, and show how magnificently AMAZING YOU ARE!

We celebrated our daughter’s senior year in 2020.

And I thought I’d be ready to celebrate her college chapter. I wasn’t as ready as I thought..

But having her senior pictures up on the walls, in an album, covering her high school senior memory box, and in the app I made on my phone helped me with her move into college life. 

I would love to help you capture your high school story to look back at forever too!

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I photograph high school seniors, college seniors, and that transitions into the next chapter in your life story…Headshots + branding for your business.

Branding our businesses is another important time for visual storytelling. And my second niche I specialize in for you. If you’re ready to up-level your professional branding portfolio, let’s talk and get creative with photographing your business style.

If you want to open doors you need to tell your potential clients a story. SHOW them why they need to KNOW-LIKE-TRUST you + your business.

Your headshot opens the door to building your client community, but your personal brand invites potential clients into your business. It gives them a glimpse into your brand and a feeling of what it is like to work with you. 

Branding is the next level up from headshots. We use our headshots for profile pictures, but we need personal branding images to show customers who we are, what we do, + how we can serve them.

It’s kinda like “show & tell” for adults. Remember how excited you got waiting to see what your classmate was going to show next? Give your customers + potentials that excited feeling by showing them what it feels like to work with THE BEST!

Let’s start photographing your brand story and sharing it out into the world!

Ready to tell your story?

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