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Photography is always for her…

My love for photography started out similar to?others in photography; ?my daughter was born, and I wanted to document her everything; her chubby cheeks, her steps, and all the milestones so that we had them to look back on and remember. ?As a first-time Mom, I never dreamed that?taking photos of my little girl would be the reason I would start?a business + being the reason I try to give every teen a one-of-a-kind experience. She is truly my driving force!

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Fast forward to her tween years and seeing how much change there is in the world of girls… Yes, I’m a girl, but seeing through the eyes of your baby is something different. If you have a girl, or you are a girl in high school, you know what I’m talking about, right??School conforms to certain guidelines or rules. It has to when you educate the masses. Within the school walls, ?girls discover part of who they are and some are more successful at it than others in their young years. There are athletes, singers, musicians, social butterflies, dancers, the quiet and shy, the bold and daring; and the list goes on.

When I turned photography into a business I made time to shoot everything, and sometimes at the sacrifice of my family time. I’ve grown a lot since that time, yep even this gal is still learning. I took a marketing class awhile back, and the very first assignment I was to write about my “why” for being a photographer. After jotting down my thoughts, I ?looked over all of my random reasons and the pieces that kept shining back at me related to my Emma; I want girls to express who they are without the feeling of being ?less than? someone else. I want girls to smile on the inside for themselves, and not just the outside for others. I want girls to grow in confidence and not allow others to dictate?how they should feel or act. I want girls to build each other up – cheer one another on. This is my “Why” for shooting teens and high school seniors.

My personal “Why” -…My Emma… she is quirky and likes different things than I do, but she teaches me to appreciate a different side to life; a more musical and theatrical life. She is my shy child until she gets to know you, but in front of my lens she expresses herself, she is silly and relaxed and doesn’t hide. With my photography, I can print her beautiful images and decorate my walls. Her images not only bring a smile to my day when I look at them, but I think she is starting to see that her beauty is HERS! She is not being compared to anyone else. She is not competing for a spot in any play. She is not defined by a grade she gets in a class. She is not just a student in a sea of students in class. She is the one and only beautiful teen that God created her to be. Everyday won’t be epic. Life will be hard at times, but in front of my lens we get to laugh, be silly, be quirky and be exactly like Emma in that moment!

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In front of my lens YOU get to be exactly who YOU ARE – we get to laugh – be silly, or serious – we get to capture Your Year in that last chapter of high school. We get to celebrate YOU for who you were born to be! That is what photography brings out in each one of us who is brave enough to be who you are in front of my lens. #BEYOU because it’s your amazing life!

Cheers to Your Year, Your Life

— Andrea


sycamore-photographer, teen-photographer, senior-photographer


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