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Senior Picture Photographers

When you think of senior picture photographers what is most important to you?

  • Do you want your senior pictures at a specific location?
  • Do you want help planning your wardrobe looks?
  • Need advice on styling your outfits, accessories, + makeup?

Ambyr is a Sycamore High School graduate and chose one of my senior experience collections.

“I always knew that I was going to get my senior pictures done, but I never knew how they would turn out, she explained, “I was always afraid of how they would turn out, but I had been looking forward to taking my senior pictures for as long as I could remember!”

senior-portraits, high-school-senior-photographers, dekalb-photographer, sycamore-high-school

When you’re looking at senior portrait photographers ask yourself what kind of senior portrait story you want from the session.

What is the MOST IMPORTANT piece to get from your senior picture photographers?

Ambyr had some specific requests when it came to her location. Because she asked for fall foliage, trees, + water, I needed a very unique setting to get all of these pieces in her senior portraits and to capture her ideal story.

Although this spot is a little unexpected, it fit her edgy and fashionable style and had all of her location requests. It’s been one of my favorite locations for years. It’s in plain site, but no one ever guesses the images we can capture there until they see these images.

sycamore-high-school, high-school-senior-photography

Do you ask your senior picture photographers about FUN?

Ambyr was on the track team + played softball at Sycamore, and has a vivacious personality. We added these pieces into her story because they not only rounded out her high school memories, but it relaxed the session and we wanted to HAVE FUN at the shoot.

In the beginning she wasn’t sure what to expect. My goal is to always make sure seniors are comfortable and having fun!

“My photo session was the most relaxed photo session I have had.” There was no pressure to do poses that I didn’t feel comfortable with, or ones that felt awkward.


I was given the ability to change how I was posing to feel comfortable. Senior portraits are important, and even more important is the way you feel during your session. Every senior should feel happy and confident and I had that with Andrea!

highschool-senior-photography, sycamore-high-school
senior-portraits, senior-portrait-experience, sycamore-photographers, dekalb-photographer, sycamore-high-school

Cheers & Sparkles to your senior year!

đŸ’–Andrea |Senior Portraits Photographer

If you have questions about your senior portraits, CONTACT me and ask away!

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“When I saw the preview of my senior pictures, my jaw dropped. Nobody had ever captured me in the way Andrea did.

My eyes glowing; the poses, so delicate, and yet intricate at the same time.

My photos turned out fantastic! The session made me feel beautiful in my own skin. Having senior pictures helps one see their beauty, inside and out, and Andrea helped me see mine!”

senior-portraits, senior-portrait-experience, sycamore-photographers, dekalb-photographer, sycamore-high-school


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