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Are You 1980’s or 2020? | Professional Headshot

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What made you click to read this? Was it the words, “professional headshot”?

The title? … The image?

Did a friend forward it to you?

Remember Ferris Bueller’s iconic words, “Life moves pretty fast…” What would he say now?

We don’t have much time to catch someone’s attention as they scroll. The key is to STOP the scroll + get noticed! Let your potential customers know they found the right business to solver their problem.

What does your professional headshot say?

Today your professional headshot needs to be infused with personality…YOUR personality! If you’re the face of your brand you want different looks of your personality to use on different platforms.

Realtor’s need a studio shots with a classic backdrop, but equally important are images showcasing them in a home or office space they manage. Taking images around the community they sell in gives buyers confidence that they can help them with answering questions about their new home.

Designing an entire Branding Session + having multiple images on hand enables you to show potential clients who you are and how valuable you are to their new home search.

The key to branding your business is giving value + sharing your human, everyday side.

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Your personality story depends on your unique brand and business. I’ve photographed headshots for performance playbills, website launches, + creatives who are looking to show all parts of their business. 

Below are a few ideas to consider when booking your Branding Session with me.  Think ahead and make a list of places you’ll use the images from your session {social media planning}.

Are you a service or product based business?

How do you help potential clients?

What emotions do you want to capture?

Make a list and email these before your Branding Session.  If only a few updated images are necessary, we can capture them in a Deluxe Headshot Session.

Personality Shots To Capture::

  • Confidence
  • Excitement
  • Surprise
  • Professional
  • Shock
  • Admiration
  • Joy
  • Satisfaction
  • Whimsical
  • Relaxed

A Branding Session allows us to capture a variety of lifestyle shots, headshots, and photos in-the-field. 

While most of your images are related to your business, including personal images share your human side, especially if your business promotes work+life balance. The type of lifestyle images depends on your business and brand.  But the latest small business research says being MORE HUMAN in all your marketing.

Lifestyle Shot Ideas::

  • Taking a walk
  • Reading a book
  • Cooking
  • Coffee shop
  • Roaming a library
  • Nature trails
  • Downtown life
  • The classic jumping for joy
  • Massage therapy room

I incorporate different looks and lifestyle events into your Branding Session.  However, some clients are looking for simple, classic headshots and those shorter, more basic, sessions focus on the facial expressions from shoulder’s up.

  • We collaborate on what’s best for your business and budget.
  • We talk about the above ideas, plan what’s best to wear for your business + body-type, colors, and jewelry choices. 

I run my own business, I know how hard you work to achieve each goal set.  You have a lot going on, and that’s why I’m here to help you achieve a piece of your dream with what I do best.  I have the planning and guiding already to go so you can focus on growing your business!

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Let’s talk about your Headshot or Branding Session today!

Curious about a few more Branding Headshot Tips?

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Until we meet in front of my lens,


đŸ’–Andrea | Your Headshot + Branding Expert


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