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Are You Doing These To Get Better Skin?

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated, or time-consuming…Once you find a routine that works for you.

Last week I gave you four fixes to up your makeup game if you’re starting to see a few extra lines. Yes, all those laugh lines are worth it.

This week I have skincare tips.

I’ve been through a lot of skincare products – A LOT – so I know a thing or two because I’ve used a thing or two ๐Ÿ˜‰

Better skin is influenced from inside-out, not just on the surface, so before I get into potions, lotions, and the such, ask yourself these questions {like this, “Self, how much water did you drink today?”}::

  1. How much water are you drinking everyday?
  2. Are you wearing sunscreen or have SPF in your foundation?
  3. On a scale of 1-10 where is your stress level?
  4. Are you exercising 3-4 days/week?
  5. Do you wash your face everyday?
  6. Are you eating your fruits & veggies?
  7. Do you use a moisturizer/lotion daily?

They’re all biggies for our skincare, but water, water is a BIGGIE of biggies. I have more ideas for you in ‘my health’ post week after next. For now, if you’re not drinking much water, grab a bottle and start chugging {no, coffee + tea doesn’t count. But drinking a cup of green tea is a healthy choice too…SQUIRREL!… I’m getting sidetracked}

Okay, I work better with photos…For now here is a great picture of why water is a big deal for our health + skin.

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Allllrighty then, on to the lotions, potions, and stuff!

Ask yourself {yes, we’re talking to ourselves a lot in this post – it’s cool}

What’s your skin type {dry, oily, combination}?

This makes a difference on the type of cleanser to use. I’ve been closer to combination skin, but in the last three years I’m moving to the dry side {kinda like my humor}.

Emma’s Cleansers {Teenagers}

Emma and I share the same house, but we don’t share the same cleansers. I sway towards the more natural-side of cleansing for both of us. She likes cleaning clothes/wipes instead of splashing {drenching} her face with water + cleanser. But when she takes off her makeup after performances she needs to use the eye remover and a stronger cleanser to get everything off her face.

My Cleansers {Mom}

I try to wash my face morning and night. Bliss has little beads that act as an exfoliator so it’s kind of like a 2-for-1, clean + exfoliate. I use it in the morning.

Be Gentle is cream-based, more like a lotion, so it’s perfect for our dry winter months {and it smells pretty and smell is everything when it’s that close to my nose}. This one is good at night for an extra layer of moisture + overnight cream.

Always finish with an overnight cream. Our skin, along with everything else, rejuvenates when we sleep, so help it out with some added hydration. I’m starting to test out serums too, but don’t have a favorite, or really notice it making a difference for the extra expense yet {I’ll keep you posted}.

I’ve tried a Kiehl’s Routine::

The cleanser, toner and moisturizer were fine, but I didn’t like the scent. I still buy the eye fuel though because I notice a difference when I use under my eyes {and there isn’t any scent}.

A few other eye fixes::

My eyes get puffy when I don’t get enough sleep and when we travel. I’m loving these Eye Fixes right now. If you only want to try one, I’d try the eye fuel first. It’s the easiest + fastest to apply and less moola.

SMP TIP:: Put the Skyn eye gel pads in the refrigerator before applying.

The cold helps reduce puffiness too.

skincare, cleansers, masks

You can spend days in the skincare aisles if you wanted too.

SMP TIP:: If you don’t know where to start, pick just one and start there.

I’d start with a cleanser. Even if you don’t wear makeup you should be washing your face every night. I gave you my picks, but also linked the two articles in the cleanser section to give you a starting place. I’ve used CeraVe + Cetaphil in the past and both are budget-friendly places to start your routine.

After the cleanser, move on to finding a moisturizer.

If you want easy photo guides to follow, {who doesn’t love a good photo} I’ve linked some great graphics on my Pinterest Makeup Tips Board for you.

That’s a wrap this week! Now go out and find just ONE piece and move on from there.

Until next week, Cheers & Sparkles to your skin!


P.S. Next week I’m going in for a new 2020 hairstyle…I think I’ll be making a change…maybe, not sure, possibly.

Either way, next week’s post will FOR SURE talk about hairstyles that fit the shape of our face. Do you know the six face shapes? Is there a better style for your face shape?

P.P.S. Remember to drink – drink – drink that water ๐Ÿ˜‰

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