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Are You Ready For High School Girls + Guys?

Another class of seniors are going to enter the school halls soon. So this week I’m giving a blog re-cap for this year’s high school girls and guys!

Shining-moments-photography, product-guide, portrait-session

If you’re an upper class-man school life is getting real busy! You have the ACT/SAT to prep for, your senior pictures, college visits, and the list could scroll down your phone for 18-minutes.

You’re allllllll-most done, but there’s still a long way to go

{Sorry if I’m the first to break that to ya}.

The GOOD NEWS is that I’ve been immersed in high school + senior year life for awhile and I’ve collected some good intel to help.

I’m not writing your college application essay for you though. Been there – done that – don’t wanna go back!


Decide whether you’re taking the SAT or the ACT. Colleges accept both scores. I know Midwest colleges lean toward the ACT and Northwest colleges lean toward the SAT, but as long as you have a score from one of the tests you’re golden. Your high school typically administers at least one of these tests during the school day {YAY YOU – you don’t have to give up a coveted Saturday}.

We’ve been ACT-takers in our house, and if you are too then here are five tips to help you prep ⇒ ACT Prep

Still looking or haven’t started visiting colleges yet?

Check these two blog pieces::

When does the application window open::

If you’ve narrowed down the colleges you’re applying to, be sure to get the application open date on your calendar.

AND the last day to apply.

That also includes not waiting until the last minute to apply, send your letters of recommendation, write your essay, or fill out the FASFA…

Whad-da-ya mean I need a yearbook photo? Every 2020 senior gets that postcard in the mail to get their senior yearbook photo taken. Take a look at the yearbook photo post to get the whole story on if you HAVE to go.

If you’re planning to have a graduation party, then my Graduation Party Checklist is a MUST-HAVE!

And last BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST get your Fall senior portraits scheduled!

My High School Girls + Guys…You only graduate high school once, capture the moment!

I capture your best self before you head off to live your best life!

Cheers & SPARKLES to the start of a FANTASTIC year!

💖-Andrea |Shining Moments Photography


Modern High School Senior Portraits + Professional Headshot Photographer. Let's Show the World Your Kind of Beautiful! #SMPshine


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