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Sycamore High School Orchesis | Senior Photography

The talent of the Sycamore High School Orchesis group surpasses every year.

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Each year, Sycamore High School performs their annual dance performance in Orchesis.

  • The costume ➠ Stunning
  • The dance numbers ➠ entertaining
  • The fun factor ➠ always great

Bella is an amazing, talented, and beautiful dancer, and I’ve been capturing her spectacular Sycamore High School Orchesis costumes since she was a sophomore.

This year’s theme was Songs Through the Years, which featured dance routines to songs many of us parents can remember as teens {gasp}::

  • Stand By Me
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Hold Back the River
  • I Hope You Dance {tear-filled eyes every time I hear it}
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Before her session, we went over her outfits {they’re incredible, and truly accentuated her beauty}.

We talked about how she wanted to wear her hair, and what backdrops would best showcase each color and texture. I try to consider these things with all my seniors in order to give them very best experience possible!

SMP Side Note:: find more info here about your session + options

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In her final performance, she was as beautiful as ever. The most touching part was when I read her proud mom’s Facebook post about Bella’s first performance as a freshmen, years ago.

Her post talked about how nervous she was, hoping she wouldn’t make any mistakes on stage. Now, as she performed in her last Orchesis – Mom shared how full of confidence + excited she was to be on stage. Of course, I know it wasn’t just Orchesis who gave her that – it was her parents!

A great team and a special family.

It’s been a joy to capture this special event for Bella each year, and I must admit, I’m a little sad it’s coming to an end. But I know she will have many more achievements ahead of her!

There’s even more fun images posted on my Instagram account, which you can find and follow here.

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