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My Best Gift + Lesson’s Learned

When your teenager goes shopping on his own for you and wraps up the best gift that I didn’t even know I needed.

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1\ This year brought a big swing for Shining Moments Photography.

After reading two motivating business books + attending a marketing workshop, I redesigned my business.

What started as a hobby quickly grew into a business. As much time as it was spending away from my family, I needed to start treating it like a business.

The years of stress and tears, but also a lot of laughs and joy all helped me grow and learn the up’s and down’s of entrepreneurship. There were many days I wanted to hang up my camera strap because it was “too hard” to run my own business.

I also had a lot of mom-guilt days with the amount of time I was working. A 40-hour work week was looking pretty tempting. Thank you to all the amazing clients who trusted me with their high school senior portraits, families, and professional headshots.

You have been a highlight of my growing year!

2\ When I was 18, I never dreamed of the changes that would come by age 46.

I don’t feel “old”, but there are days I’ve noticed my workouts don’t come as easily. Crows-feet really are a thing. And I don’t handle my thinning hair very well.

3\That leads to #3:: Taking a chance on something new…

I tried the product, Monat for 90 days to see if I had the same hair results as so many others. My hair wasn’t on the same page. Go figure!

But with me, I’ve learned that sometimes you have to stick it out and results will come, just a little slower. After trying a few of their products, I am seeing results {happy dance}. And their Rejuvenique oil…WOW!

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And #4?

4\ So thankful for my family, both near & far.

Time didn’t seem fast at 18. Now it’s moved to the fast track! Spending more time with my kiddos before they leave on their life adventures is becoming more important everyday.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” -Ferris Bueller

When you’re building something you love to do, you’ll have up’s & down’s, critics, and all-around bummer days. But there’s a lot of fun, excitement, and SUCCESS ready & waiting!

Cheers & Sparkles to your success!

đŸ’–Andrea |Your Senior + Headshot Photographer

P.S. I have a #5

5\ Did you guess what that gift was yet? My Nicholas gave me a head massager, “For when you get those really bad headaches, Mom”.

It sits at my desk to remind me that even on my biggest-bummer-days, I have two beautiful, healthy, + loving kids, a fantastic husband, and amazing family and friends. That can make any day Shine Bright!

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