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Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals 2020 Style!

Black Friday deals have been popping up all week. So it’s time to start holiday shopping {if you haven’t already}.

2020 shopping style is way different from years past, but we can STILL SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES no matter what kind of year we’re in – right?

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Black Friday means one step closer to 2021

Hopefully with the extra time we have around the house this year we will use it to shop the local + small businesses more than big brand. {Don’t get me wrong, I have my favorite large retailers too} 😉

A quote I keep seeing a lot rings in so true for our holiday shopping::

“Shop small business THIS year so we have them to shop next year too.”

I try to be a mix of both; Shop small businesses first and then when I can’t find what I’m looking for I branch out to other good shops.

This week I’ve rounded up some of my favorites + their Black Friday deals to share with you.


Holiday Cards {made easy}

  • Basic Invite – used code “ShiningMomentsPhoto” for 30% off your cards

Black Friday Clothing Shops

  • SIS in downtown Sycamore, Illinois – Adorable clothes & budget-friendly
  • UOIonline in Sterling, Illinois + online – great clothes & great sales
  • Not So Basic Tee on Etsy – fun tees + sweatshirts
  • Abercrombie – Have teens? 40% for MyAbercrombie members



  • Slate and tell makes personalized jewelry gifts – 35% off right now
  • Personalized necklaces on Etsy

Creatives / Decorating

Black Friday Yumminess {or any ol’ day}

And remember to treat yourself too. It’s the holiday season so calories don’t count {especially in 2020}!

+a few of my Random Favorites with Black Friday Deals

  • Tan Lux – The tan look with out the sun damage {may favorites are 50% off}
  • Living Proof – Dry Shampoo & hairspray are AMAZING! 20% + free dry shampoo {See it on my IG Reel HERE}
  • FourSigmatic – up to 50% off {try the instant latte mix + protein powder

Happy Shopping!

Cheers & Sparkles to your Holiday + a BRAND NEW 2021!

💖Andrea | Your Photographer + Shopper Enthusiast

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