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Senior Photography in Nature

Senior photography in nature is calling.

Whether you choose the florals + grasses of nature or the brick + white of a more urban look, make sure your capture THIS MOMENT!

The college chapter is right around the corner and sharing in this part of your high school senior’s story is one of those “big” moments. REALLY BIG! Or is SUPER bigger than BIG? You get my point though right?

This is a big milestone to capture!

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Photography + Nature | This is God’s Country

Ask yourself what you want to remember most about this year, or your last four years of high school.

  • Make a list
  • Look back through your phone
  • Think about all the activities, clubs, sports, classes…

Now you’re starting to get a what matters most. Of course we’ll have the posed, classic images. We’ll have the fun, playful shots. I ask for serious ones, looking away ones, and maybe even a few dancing ones {but only if you’re comfortable of course}.

These are the ideas that we start to weave into your story. And, sometime I get to include Mom in a few of the memory-keeping moments together.

mother-daughter-portraits, Ellwood House, DeKalb-Illinois

This beauty and her mom both joined me for her shoot, and Brianna is one of the sweetest people on the planet.

She wanted her photography in nature, more of a natural element feel. She also requested to have lots of florals, grasses, and greens so we headed out to the historic Ellwood House in Dekalb, Illinois.

senior-pictures, senior-portraits, sycamore-IL-photographer, dekalb-photographer, senior-photographer, senior-story

This is such a gorgeous venue, and boasts a lot of historical significance for the area. It was once the residence of entrepreneur Isaac Ellwood, and was built in 1879. Oops, sometimes the history teacher moves off track.

Back to the photography side of this location. It features so many picturesque backdrops around the grounds and is listed on the U.S. Register of Historic Places.

Rats! There I go again. Really, no more historical facts.

We had a bit of stormy weather early in the day, but the skies cleared just in time so we skip, jump, + enjoying the photography session in nature.

Brianna’s colors with the setting played well with our backdrops. Her simple, sweet outfits, were from SIS~Shop in Style. You might remember that it’s one of my favorite local boutiques!

Thanks for sharing your senior story with me Brianna!

portrait-photographer, senior-portraits, sycamore-photographer, Andrea-shining-moments-photography
Pops of colors

Are you a senior (or a mom of one)?

I’d love to share your story. I believe every one of my seniors deserves to have their story told, and their personality captured in portraits.

Cheers & Sparkles

đŸ’–Andrea | Your senior Photographer

P.S. Contact me today to schedule yours, and let’s share the story together!

senior-portraits, senior-pictures, sycamore-photographer, sycamore-illinois, sycamore-high-school
senior-photographer, shining-moments-photography, senior-year, senior-pictures-dekalb-il, photography-nature
senior-portraits, senior-photographers, Andrea-Shining-moments-photography, sycamore-high-school, high-school-senior-photography
Sycamore-photographer, shining-moments-photography, highschool-senior-photography, sycamore-high-school, ellwood-house, deklab-illinois
I hope you can jump for joy all senior year long!


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