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Summer Bucket List Top 12| Sycamore Photographer

Summer is here & that means it’s time for the SMP SUMMER BUCKET LIST!

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Summer never lasts nearly as long as I think it should and there are a lot of things to do before heading back to class.

So each summer I collect ideas for my summer bucket list.

Here are 12 bucket list ideas to get going with summer

Ready to make some memories this Summer?

And snap those photos along the way so when Father Time steals these moments you can always look back and HAVE THEM FOREVER!

1. Drive-in Movies

Bring back the past + introduce your teen to Summer Fun by packing up the SUV with pillows + blankets and heading out to see a blockbuster in the sticky, warm, Summer air. Check out the Rte34 Drive-in.

2. Have you started a Bullet Journal? 

I just read about this one myself and it was a big hit last summer with teens, which is why it made it into Seventeen Magazine. At the end of the article they give you a video tutorial of how to set one up. Bullet Journal

3. Farmer’s Market Day

Do you like fresh fruit + veggies? Farmer’s Markets are everywhere during the summer. One day this summer head out to your local market and pick up fresh ingredients to make dinner. It’s fun + different and it supports local small farmers/businesses. Sycamore Farmer’s Market | Dekalb Farmer’s Market | Geneva French Market

4. Add a Netflix Movie Marathon to your Summer Bucket List

Is there a series your friends told you about? Now’s the time to binge-watch! No homework or after school practices, so it’s perfect to get some friends together + a whole series or a movie trilogy. Emma & I watched a season of Sherlock and now I’m hooked. There are only 3-4 episodes per season, but they’re an hour-and-a-half each.

5. Spa Day + creating fun nail designs that you can do yourself

I love changing up my nail color and painting different designs. It plays to my creative brain. Pop the popcorn – Paint the nails – Turn on Netflix or the new movies coming to Disney+ so you can watch while they dry. Only one kernel at a time though – no smudging😃

Speed things up with gel polish and a UV gel polish dryer. I bought a a portable UV dry and a collection of starter gels last month and I’m hooked! My nails were sparkling AND DRY in about 30 minutes {skipping the 1 kernel and going for a handful of popcorn now!}

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6. Add a Book Club For One onto your summer bucket list

Reading books that you WANT to read, and not required to read. I ask for recommendations all the time. This year I’ve been doing an online book club in all genre’s. Grab some ideas for yourself. The SMP June Book Club post has links to all the past months for you too.

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7. Volunteer

What cause do you support?  Where can you do some good?  Who could benefit from your time?

8. Fun Photoshoot with Friends

You know I’m all about capturing moments, and Summer Fun is most definitely a moment! If you’ve just graduated you’ll all be going to your different colleges and things may change over the next year. Even if you didn’t graduate yet, things change every year, so grab your friends and capture these moments!

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9. At least one Pajama Day should be on the Summer Bucket List

10. Go Hiking

11. Do a Color Run

These are really fun! We’ve done these on the 4th of July when we visit family and it’s one of my best memories. We make t-shirts for everyone to run in and by the end we have a whole new colored shirt! Color Run

12. See a Broadway Musical

One train ticket to downtown Chicago please! Go catch a musical that’s passing through. They never disappoint. Broadway Chicago  or Paramount Aurora.

Add to the list in the comments below. I’m always looking for new ideas!

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