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Calling All Freshmen! 3 Thrive Tips

I have 3 freshmen tips for ALL THE FRESHMEN…

3 freshmen tips to calm all the Freshie’s out there.

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You’re starting something NEW and you’ve got a ba-jillion emotions pulsing through your body!

Let’s calm the nerves with 3 quick freshmen tips so you thrive through opening week + set the bar for an AWESOME FRESHMEN YEAR!


There are different ways to organize, so find a way that works for YOU. But don’t skip this step because you need a system. You’ve got multiple classes and whether you’re a freshmen in high school or college you need to keep all the classes, assignments, projects, and papers in-line.

HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN… No more Friday Folders, recess, or relax times, your teachers expect you to come to class prepped & ready to learn. You’ll have teachers who teach bell-to-bell and if you don’t have yourself organized school life will be a struggle. COLLEGE FRESHMEN…Welcome to the big leagues of getting yourself to class, okay, going to class at all. No one is going to pull you out of bed, remind you what time class is or when that English Lit paper is due in your 101 class. It’s “adulting-time”!

Here are a few ways to organize so you never forget an assignment or have to use the excuse, “my goldfish swallowed my Chromebook.” {or even the good ol’ days when the dog ate your paper}.

  1. pen + paper organizer:: find an organizer to write down each class or one that has enough room for each day to write in what’s due. I still love pen-n-paper organizers and have used Day Designer for years to organize my tasks {linked version is the full size 8×10, but they also have a more compact version}.
  2. app based organizer:: Egenda app gives color-coded way to organize classes, homework + tests. Pocket Schedule Planner app is another good one {does have in-app purchases}
  3. snap a Pic:: at the VERY LEAST snap a picture of the board/homework with your phone in each class. When you get home you can go through and get your assignments on the calendar
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Here’s a tidbit of data for you on a study that showed by reviewing each subject just TEN MINUTES a night {even if no homework was assigned} you can improve your memory retention of that subject – TEN MINUTES! Most of your YouTube videos take longer.

The final grades you get in your classes from freshmen year in high school follow you forever. Seriously, you might be calling your high school 16-years from now to ask for your transcripts. Help your future self out and put in the study time.

Oh, as long as you’re getting your study-groove on…not only does the effort you put in for good grades in classes help get you college money, but those 3-letter-words {okay, acronym} can also get you loads of dough depending on the college + your score. The effort you put in for your science, math, english, analytical classes will DEFINITELY help you with the ACT or SAT, that you gotta take anyway.

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Do what’s best for you. There are so many different ways + different paths to reach a goal. You’ll find a lot of people want to tell you how you should do it {yes, I’m a parent + guilty of telling my teens, but I’m workin’ on it;) } and hopefully they’re telling you how to do it because they care, but remember that the ultimate decision is yours and you need to weigh everything out and decide why you’re really making that choice. #youdoyou

  • Go to community college for two years then transfer to a university to finish your degree
  • Maybe the entrepreneur life is for you
  • College online so you can work to pay for college is your best course
  • Maybe you’re thinking about the military out of high school

Ask for advice from people you trust {parents, older siblings, counselor, teacher…} but also trust your judgement – your gut feeling – and remember…


Very few choices in life are failures if you learn from it to make a better choice next time.

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