Cap Off This Year

Cap off your high school chapter with graduation photos in your cap and gown.

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It’s almost here!

And although it’s not the ‘Cap’s off’ graduation moment we were hoping for it’s still a memory to capture. Cap off this year with cap & gown photos to end your high school story.

I have a 2020 senior too and her Cap and gown were delivered last week and that meant snapping that tassel to the right side of her cap and prepping for her cap and gown memory.

But if you have a senior who’s saying…

What’s the point?

My answer is YOUR story is the point.

I totally understand the sad, the royal bummer, and full-on freak-out days during this last moment of senior year. We’ve all had our bad, stressful, bored, sad…days, but not capturing pieces of this memory will be something you’ll miss when we’re long past 2020 and COVID19.

“You’re a senior photographer, of course you’d say that.”

Maybe so, but I’ve been keeping photo memories long before….WAYYYYY before I became a photographer.

Yes, I offer Cap and Gown sessions for the graduating seniors, but even if you don’t hire me or any other photographer, I hope you don’t let this last moment pass by without getting memories you can look back on some day.

It’s a memory, a legacy, a piece of history, and having photos to go along with the story. So cap off the year by putting on your school colors for the end of your high school story.

Photos write our autobiography…

Without writing any words at all.

It’s your unique story that’s told by YOU. And I really and truly hope you take the time to tell this LAST piece of your story!

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Cheers & Sparkles Class of 2020

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