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Capture Life! One Day At A Time

It’s the last first day of high school and if you don’t capture life as it happens it’s gone forever.

“Hey, remember the first day of high school when Billy walked in as a freshmen and his eyes bulged like oranges when he saw how many other kids were flooding into the school building?”


“I wish I’d taken a picture that day. I’d tack it next to his Joker-pasted smile as he swaggered through the kingdom doors this morning on his last-first day of high school.”

King of the hill

Top of the school

The year

Capture life! Because a picture’s worth a ___ words.

These moments – these LAST moments, don’t give you a rewind button. Our TV’s can be on-demand playback, but reality won’t ever get that feature.

There isn’t a repeat {“I want to repeat my senior year, just so Mom can take all those pictures she forgot,” said no high schooler ever!} This year of lasts is worth a TRILLION words.

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Sure, we can talk about it, maybe visualize it when we say, “remember when” but it’s nothing like having that photo to put in the album, baby book, or frame.

“They hate when I ask to take their picture.”

It’s your call to snap that picture or not. But, before you pass on that moment::

  1. Does your Senior know what it’s like to be a 48-year-young parent who’s raised a toddler to a tween, and now almost-adult?
  2. As you look at him, ok, look UP at him, does he have any idea what it’s taken for you to learn how to let go so they can soar on their own?


{I say with little love + little heart emoji’s all around}

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Over the years I’ve practiced and practiced my photography story-telling + my business. The bonus here is my photography business has given my momming-days clarity.

Say what!?

That picture you want to take as his meeting up with his buddies + sauntering through those doors doesn’t have to be a “stop + pose” moment.

Actually the best story-telling photo of his senior year could be the one you snap as he walks through the door, backpack slung over shoulder, knuckle-bumping his buddy.

{Do they still knuckle-bump, or are we back to high-fives yet?}

BLINK! We’re in the final three months of senior year.

For the love of chocolate, record your story moments!

And don’t stop there, PRINT that story. It’s the easiest + best picture book you can write…

We can tell your senior story together with an SMP Collection that captures so many of the hobbies, sports, style, makeup looks, soon-to-be college home before your senior leaves to live their next adventure.

If you want to chat about ideas let me know.

[email protected]

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Cheers & Sparkle to your best life!

💖-Andrea | Your Storytelling Photographer

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