It’s March Madness and that means more than college basketball. If you have a high schooler it’s also college visits time.

It’s spring break month around the country and if you’re like me, you’re ready for a break. It’s spring fever for high school seniors too. And it’s time for juniors {+ sophomores} to start visiting college campuses.

I’m interrupting my recent blog articles on fun tips to improve your photo-posing to get a tiny bit serious. But just a little.

However, we can totally mix some fun pictures into our serious talk on college visits!

If there’d no fun, I’m just done. That’s the extent of my poetry masterpieces, unless you count the quotes I randomly throw out from ‘The Princess Bride”.

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This week I’m dishing out college visit tips because that’s the next big chapter you’re going to write in your oh-so-amazing story!

How have I come to these 5 QUICK-TIPS to help with your college search? RESEARCH + REAL LIFE!

We started visiting colleges during my daughter’s sophomore year. True, a majority of the teens on our tours were juniors + seniors, but there were plenty of ‘us’ starting to look too.

So no, it’s not too early to peek at a few campuses. My daughter didn’t know what direction she wanted to go. We opened up the whole country as an option.

While we were in Washington, we toured my colleges.

Having a baseline or starting point can help to relieve a lot of anxiety when you get to CRUNCH TIME.

Junior and senior year has a heck-of-a-lot going on, and if you get a few key points narrowed down early, your checklist gets a lot smaller in the last year(s) of high school.

\TIP 1:: Spring Break

Spring break, or early summer, go online and look up colleges near you. Register for a guided tour and take a road trip to get a baseline for a campus favorite. Go on a large public campus + a small private campus tour.

“I have no idea what I want to study in college.” Welcome to the undecided club! We’re glad to have you. It’s still a good idea to take some college visits to see where you could be comfortable.

\TIP 2:: Make a list + spend time on campus

Your college choice will be your NEW HOME for the next four to five years. Once the guided tour is over, walk around to get a campus vibe {like totally}.

Seriously, check out the activity on campus; grab a snack or lunch where the students hang out. If it’s a nice day, sit in the quad or campus center to student-watch. Chat with students and ask their major or favorite reason for going there {They won’t bite ya + you won’t turn to dust if they blow you off either}.

\TIP 3:: Walk around the neighborhood

I’m a mom, so you had to know this tip was coming.😁 How safe is the campus + the neighborhood that surrounds it? Another good question to ask on your tour:: “How does the university keep their students safe?” {blue-light emergency system, valet-walkers you can call for late night classes…}

\TIP 4:: Grab the college newspaper

When you’re on your college visits pick up a paper. Students have their opinions, and many aren’t shy about sharing their views in the newspaper.

Reading the articles gives you an idea of the college culture. Grabbing the local city paper is good too.

\TIP 5:: Ask yourself what’s on your top 5 list

For example, is distance from home a big deal? Does the climate matter? Is it a “suitcase college”? Do you want big or small? Dorm life vs Greek life?

Side note:: College is FUN, but also expensive, so be sure to look up all the areas of study that interest you. One campus we toured had a large performing arts building for play productions, which made it a good candidate college on Emma’s list. But after asking questions on the tour, we found out the university didn’t offer a major OR minor in any type of performing arts. We could mark that college OFF THE LIST!

Spoiler Alert::

She fell in love with the exact opposite campus I thought she would. Ya just never know until ya go…on the college visits {two rhymes in one post – you’re welcome 😉 }

I made you a Quick College Comparison Chart to help with the preliminary searches. It can get overwhelming looking at colleges and then trying to remember which one had that semester exchange to France or the Chick-fil-A in the food court {can you tell I’m writing through lunch?}.

If you have a lot of ‘maybe’ colleges on your list right now as a sophomore or junior, this checklist is an EASY + FAST way to narrow the playing court.

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Cheers & Sparkle to you + your fav college in March Madness! #GoZags #UW

💖-Andrea | Shining Moments Photography


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