Do You Have These 5 Dorm Room Essentials?

IT’S TIME! Time to load up the family truck-ster and deliver your college freshmen {or sophomore-junior-senior} to college. Are you packing these 5 dorm room essentials for the trip?

Do you have your dorm shopping list all ready to go?

Add these 5 dorm room essentials to the packing list.

If you want my detailed list, I mean down to the type of outlets, sign up for my SPARKLE NOTE. It only enters your coveted e-mail once-a-month.

If you’re looking for just the quick bare dorm essentials, bare-bones, just-get-me-by-list, then I’ve got that right here for ya!


Yes, they have computer labs on campus, but if you can swing it – it’s worth the time it saves them to sit in their room at 11pm writing that paper instead of racing to the computer labs in pajama pants to get it done before their 8am class tomorrow. We all remember those last-minute days, only we didn’t have laptops back then.

2/Bath Towel Set

Two or three towels + wash clothes is a bath luxury you don’t think about until they’re two weeks into school saying to themselves,

“I really don’t want to do laundry, but the cleaning crew is get suspicious about all the missing sink paper towels I’m using to dry off.”

And monogrammed towels are even better. Might sound pretentious, but it’s a small percentage – I mean really small – who like doing laundry AND if one college student is running out of towels, you know there’s others.

Yours is the same TJ Maxx towel as room 207 and you’ve noticed she doesn’t use the scratchy paper towels you’ve started using. Did she bring extra towels…or has her “buddy-system policy” extended to your bath towels that you can’t find anymore?

3/Bath Caddy

Following with the bathroom theme, if you’re in communal dorm life you need a bath caddy to keep things in one quick place. Razor, wash cloth, shower gel, shampoo… all in one caddy.

And if mornings aren’t your favorite until that first cup of coffee, a bath caddy is ideal for a foggy morning brain – just grab the caddy and jump in because everything is in the caddy. I give a few ideas + links in this graduation idea post.

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4/Overnight Bag

Sounds funny huh? You’re going to college and obviously staying for more than a few nights. Keeping a duffle bag for a weekend trip home or with friends, rather than your big suitcase, takes less space in the tiny dorm room + is more durable than using a Target bag for the weekend travels.

5/First Aid Kit

This might be THE – MOST – IMPORTANT to take to college.

It’s a given there will be a cut finger, sore throat, or headache during the year. COUNT ON IT! Plan ahead and put together a small first aid kit. Here’s a list of basics that should go with every single college student and ease that panicked call in the middle of the night::

  • 11×6 plastic container with lid {will fit easily under the bed or up on a shelf}
  • Bottle of Motrin/acetaminophen
  • Thermometer {nothing fancy, just needs to answer “do you have a fever?”}
  • Cough drops/sore throat longes
  • Pointed/sharp tweezers {not for your eyebrows, for splinters}
  • Hydrocortisone cream/antibiotic ointment
  • Spare mask {washable or disposable}
  • plastic gloves
  • Band-aides, gauze, bandages, alcohol/antiseptic wipes
  • Insurance card – if a visit to immediate care or hospital is necessary, then having a copy of family’s card on hand saves a lot of hassle {keep this piece in your wallet – not the kit 😉 }

Happy college packing!

And remember, if you want my complete college dorm packing list, sign up for SPARKLE NOTE before it goes out next week.

CHEERS & SPARKLES to your college packing!

💖-Andrea |Shining Moments Photography

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