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High School Decisions | Sycamore Illinois

You’ve got some high school decisions to make are you ready?

Remember the simpler times?

  • They lost their first tooth at school
  • First school field trip with the class
  • Snapped pictures the day braces came off
  • Grew three inches over the Summer
  • Surviving the first day of freshmen year

That graduation cap is tossed in the air and high school decisions turn into grown-up decisions.

POOF! Now you’re expected to make some pretty big choices.

The high school days are over!

Are they ready?

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High School Decisions

I’ve heard it all, Seniors who knew exactly where they wanted to go to college + what career they wanted. Some Seniors have a few interests they want to pursue but not 100% ready. And those who have no idea yet. 

We get caught up in our routines of having everything scheduled out. And we hope the chapter after high school lays out that same kinda path.

For some of us, it totally works that way. With my teens I always use their Dad in that scenario. He’s had the same goal since day one and his career will be the same until retirement day. He loves his career choice. No surprise to me, I fall in that gray area for a life plan. I got what I thought was my “Dream Job” right out of college, but turns out there’s more than one dream job for me. I’m on my third.

Make the school decision that feels good right now. It doesn’t mean it’s a permanent choice.

Don’t put so much stress when applying to college {I know easier said than done}.

Teens may have no idea where they want their career path to go right now. And THAT’S OKAY!  They have a lot of different interests, and not sure how to narrow that down or how to apply them into a career.

Their interests may not play into a career at all.  I love nutrition + researching healthy recipes, but I didn’t go to college to be a nutritionist.

They might know exactly what to do + started putting a plan into place before graduation.  Owen fits into both of these categories. 

He loves playing basketball, hunting, and cooking. Great interests, but his career goals don’t match those three interests.  This determined senior made a bold decision and signed up to serve with the National Guard. He’s not only working toward his career goal, but serving us too.

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THANK YOU OWEN for serving our country!

He’s serving in the National Guard but also getting credits lined up for a career in accounting. I envy all of you who can work with math all day… It gives this gal someone to hire to take care of my taxes in the future 😉

Owen knows exactly where he’s going right now! If plans change later, he’s determined enough to make any of his goals happen.

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He’s also got stellar family support to guide him along the way too.  Even though the last image of his parents is NOT being in Seahawks colors None of us are perfect.😉  They’ve done an awesome job raising this smart, talented, + giving guy! He’s on his way to doing great things in his next chapter.

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P.S. If you’re a High School Junior, or Mom of a Junior, I have some more resources for those high school decisions::


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