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Don’t Look Back – We’ve Almost Made It!

Don’t look back at 2020 as the nightmare we sometimes saw it as, but as a way to focus on being better + having MORE FUN!

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Okay, we’re at the end of 2020 + my hope of not breathing in my own hot mask-air is getting closer. At the end of each year do you look back at what changed? Do you take note of what you’ve accomplished + what you can shine up in the coming year?

2020 is the same as every other year in that way.

I’ve looked over my business stats, analyzed how I adapted my business to work in a pandemic, spent extra time with my teens, cried a little, laughed a lot, lost too much sleep, and hope + pray that 2021 brings a lot more SPARKLE to ALL OUR DAYS!

Looking back…What are you thankful for?

Looking back at the past year a few things popped into my brain when I sat down to write this post::

  • I’m thankful for the extra time with my teens at home💖
  • Figuring out how to get lipstick off the inside of my mask {SMP TIP:: 1TB baking soda mixed with 1TB lemon juice-Let the paste sit for 30-minutes on stain}
  • The support from the community supporting small businesses to help us all keep the doors open💖
  • POSITIVE + KIND people
  • Working in my pajama pants a few, or a lot, more days this year

Don’t Look Back…Get excited for 2021!

What are you looking forward to in this next year?

I’ll go first…

  • I miss getting dressed + putting on makeup {I mean like “really dressed”…Not changing my pajama pants from day to night wear or swapping out my yoga pants just to get them through the laundry}
  • A fresh + new 2021 to share more memories with a big, NO A HUGE group of FRIENDS by the pool again
  • Seeing Emma perform on stage again
  • Watching Nick play soccer again

You’re turn…

Don’t look back at all the negative in the difficult times, but focus on what will excite you in 2021!

And if you need a few ideas to focus on I have some SMP posts from the past year for ideas::

Arriverderci 2020!

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Just a girl, with her camera, bringing more FUN to your FOREVER MOMENTS💖


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