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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I wanted to take a little bit of time to share this family session and say a few words about family blessings and memories. As a family photographer, I get to cross paths with families from just about every walk of life. Seeing their children grow, seeing the love of parents and their children, and seeing the bond between siblings; these are the things that keep me doing what I do. I?m abundantly grateful to have the privilege to be a photographer.

This is the fourth year I?ve been able to capture this particular family. Our children are close to the same ages, and they often hang out together. Because I see them frequently, I sometimes don?t notice the subtle changes until I see their photos over the years! I?ve been lucky enough to watch them grow and change. Photine, their devoted and beautiful mom, has always been amazing at remembering to schedule family photos. She understands how truly important it is to have the memories as they grow older. On a more personal note, she is also a huge fan of the music of The Beatles, and has shared that fun love with her children as they?ve grown into teens. She doesn’t miss the chance to hear + see the Beatle memories with her kids, and never seems to miss the photo opportunities either…right down to recreating their own version of?the iconic Beatles cover on Abbey Road. And her kids {and Dad} are always great sports. I often find that dads may not love family photos, but they usually know how important it is to mom, and I love that they try their hardest!

As you prepare to celebrate the holiday with your loved ones, I hope these portraits bring you joy and remind you to savor and remember your family?s blessings!


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