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Family portraits…Teen style

When you think of family portraits, what comes to mind?

If Dad is answering that question I might be in big trouble.  They really can be FUN, and not always include the whole family.

Say that again?

You read it right. Did I get Dad’s attention?

You get to make the rules! And if you want the whole family together for portraits every-other year – do that. If you want just the teens in the portrait every year, go for it!

I’ve been photographing these two snazzy teens for years and we’ve mixed it up year after year.

  • One year our session was the entire family + their fur-baby
  • Another year our portraits were just the teens
  • Then a year with the teens and their dog

Let’s get creative and make the memories that BEST FIT’S your family.💖

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In a sibling teen session it’s also entertaining to see how they interact with each other on their own.

Mom was with us on this shoot, but she found a bench to watch from afar. The banter between Maggie & Joe is always priceless! Maggie’s cheerful + whimsical personality mixed with her brother’s matter-of-fact humor keeps us entertained throughout our photo shoot.

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Another twist on family sessions comes at that BIG MILESTONE in the senior year!

We have a senior session in the late Summer or Fall and then reserve a mini family session to get everyone back together to capture images just before the college adventure begins.

So many things change once they leave home and start their college chapter.

But don’t let the family photos stop there! Joe is a sophomore in college and Mom is still scheduling a Summer session to keep collecting their memories. 

Make your family moments your way! But remember to capture them each year, or at least every other year. Time is a sneaky thing! It keeps passing + maybe a little quicker than we’d like it too.

We don’t get a do-over. Once the time passes…it’s gone for good!

Make the most of your family portraits today…not tomorrow!

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family-photographer, high-school-senior-photography, photography-teens, st-charles-il, chicago-photographer, family-photography
family-photographer, teens, photography-teens, st-charles-il, chicago-photographer, family-photography

It Can Take a Village | Want More Inspiration?

Cheers & Sparkles to your Summer Moments! 

💖-Andrea | Your Summer Time Photographer

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