:: Children ::

Family and children sessions add to the family story each year as everyone grows. ?Time seems to pass faster with every year your children get older. Documenting your family story over the years is the best way to remember each chapter.

Let’s Get To Know You::

Children are most comfortable in their everyday + routines. ?When it comes time for your family or children-only photo session it’s important to remember how much children crave the comfort of what they know, and who they know. ?When we meet for the first time your Littles only see a stranger. ?So we need to give them a chance to relax + get to know me. ?We will walk a little, talk a little, and maybe even sing a little.

What To Bring::

We are on the schedule of the toddler. They typically will give the photo session a good 30-40 minutes of their attention, along with mini-breaks. Please bring along their favorite blanket, toys, stuffed animals…to help keep them engaged and looking at the camera. Bringing along non-messy snacks + water are also helpful in refocusing their attention. And yes, sometimes we can’t be above treats/brides to get them where you want them to go.


Littles don’t know how good they’ve got it sometimes. Our {Mom & Dad} world revolves around our kids for many years of their tiny lives. When I plan out a session with children I have my ideal session ready to go, but many times the toddler has their own agenda and as the adults we get to adapt. But isn’t that part of the fun; The funny memory we look back on and laugh about? We will get that precious family posed moment, but it’s always good to prepare for reality in the family session or child session when we are photographing toddlers. They are doing the best they know, and sometimes running away from Dad for the shot turns out to be the BEST image ever to remember that phase your precious Little is in.

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