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:: Tween Scene ::

There are probably hundred’s, maybe even THOUSAND’S of photos of your newborns…and the toddler years…the annual family portraits…and the high school senior portrait. How many professional images?do you have?of your tween or teen? We have A LOT going on during these years and that can also be some of the most awkward years. But they are also some of the most important years in life. I have a tween and teen and it can be like riding a roller coaster sometimes with being excited about school, activities, and life one week, and the next week she wants to bury her head under the pillow. ?That’s real life! ?My Teen will sometimes shrug me off when I ask to take photos?of?her, but after five minutes she almost forgets my camera is out and settles into her fun self! ?She gives me the serious, the silly, the exaggerated laugh poses, and then want to pull out the props to complete the story of?her classic silly-face. The tween +teen scene can be a rough road to travel at times, and they are going through different emotions, different looks, but they are ALL part of their growing?story. We are making, {and sometimes surviving} these years. But to have your teen locked in time to look back on and say, “remember when we went and did that crazy fun BFF session with Shining Moments Photography?” You get the irreplaceable memories forever. ?Best of all, they were not taken on your cell phone. They are high-quality fun, life images that you have printed, sitting in your frames, albums, calendars. Look at these quotes and see if they ring true for your world…

Tween + Teen Photo::

75% of?photos are taken by phones today by both teens + parents….Have you printed any of them?

“I can’t wait to take my driver’s license photo!” Squealed no teen EVER!…But it may be the last “printed” image you have around the house.

“I got the best selfie ever with my phone.”…And that will disappear into the social media vacuum.

Don’t miss out capturing your tween doing their amazing teen-thing. Yes, the Teen Scene can be awkward, some might not be excited for pictures, but that is when it’s time to start thinking outside the box. We’re Mom’s right? That’s what we do all the time! ?There are fun and playful ways to capture professional photography. ?Most Teen Girls are pretty easy, they like playing model-for-day + it’s great practice for their Senior Portraits that are just a blink away. One step better, get them together with their ::BFF for a Teen Session::? and watch the fun memories be made! ?They love the time and attention and we as parents LOVE THE MEMORIES!

Recently Teen Photo Parties have become an?”in?way” to celebrate. The bonus again for parents is they are having a blast and Mom is getting her daughter’s moments?captured. ?Shining Moments Photography offers Tween + Teen Photography Parties as a creative option to photographing the Teen Scene. It’s fun + memories for everyone! It’s aptly named the ::Strike-a-Pose Party:: Don’t miss the opportunity to capture some special memories in these?years and be the Super Mom who surprises her teen with a BFF session or with the whole girl group for a party!

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