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Class of 2020


To the Class of 2020,

WOW! This Spring our 2020 story is made more for the history books than our regular story books.

I’ve talked, preached, and droned on about getting senior pictures before it’s all over.  I get it, I really get how crazy-busy life can be, but I hope all of this EXTRA time at home has given us a new perspective about how we really can slow down and enjoy life in a way that we haven’t made time for before this “Stay Home Order” in Illinois.

We’re all creating a story, one chapter at-a time. 

If we don’t record it most of the chapter fades away from our memories. These stories will be more memorable than years past, but remembering this senior year for MORE than COVID-19 is what I’m focusing on with my 2020 senior.  Her story has been thrown a plot-twist, but we will still get her cap and gown images {even if it’s June}.

We will still take images in her last prom dress {might be July}.

We will get our family sunset photos done before she leaves for college in the Fall.

Because of Coronavirus the schedule has changed for the 2020 seniors, but we will not miss these pieces of a senior story!  Schedule + make them happen!  As a senior photographer I know the importance of capturing this LAST so they can be treasured FOREVER. 

contact today and get your last high school story in the books!


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Class of 2020 – Let’s Capture This Moment!

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