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Time to Ring in 2019

Challenge yourself to practice + create photo memories this year!

Hi, I’m Andrea and I take portraits.

BUT, I’m also a mom, wife, daughter, sister, + small biz owner. This year I’m putting some serious focus into getting my everyday on ‘film’. Being a photographer I do have portraits of my family that decorate my walls at home, but fewer and fewer everyday moments to look back at with my teens. 

This year that’s changing!

Going along with one of my 30-day intentions of being less busy + more intentional with my time I’m adding in photo memories of my everyday in 2019. 

Join me in creating a photographic story of your life in 2019 that you can look back on forever.  You can dive into this goal for any reason, got a new camera for Christmas, new move to a new city, new baby, or like me, you have teens in your house who are about to leave home and it’s a way to capture the everyday before the house is quiet.

I’m  revisiting the 365 Project this year so that I can have2019 documented before my oldest heads off to college. By the time this is all wrapped up she’ll be in the last half of senior year.

I wrote about it more in THIS POST if you’re curious + want more details to join in the fun!

Tag your images #smp365 so we can see + encourage throughout the year. If 1 photo per day is too much then do a Project 52 with the prompts each month.

MAKE IT YOUR OWN, but collect the “little” things in your life before they pass forever.

2019 is here so let’s get snappin’

#SMPshine #SMP365 #SMP52

Cheers and Sparkle to your year ahead!



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