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The Graduating Class of 2020


We’re in a state of shock in my house thinking about the class of 2020!

I have a 2020 graduate and I got the yearbook appointment card in the mail a few weeks ago.

Talk about a SUCKER-PUNCH!

Yes, we’ve gotta plan ahead, I’m a business owner so I get that, but seriously, can’t we let them finish finals first before you send home graduation stuff?

I’ve talked, preached, and droned on about getting senior pictures before it’s all over.  I get it, I really get how crazy-busy life is these days, but if we race through all of it without capturing any piece of this chapter what will we have after this year is over? 

We’re all creating a story, one chapter at-a time.  But if we don’t record it most of the chapter fades away from our memories.

And I’m not talking about recording everything on your iphone.

No, not snapping a few quick shots at graduation and then trapping them on your computer forever.

We block off time for what’s most important.

In the Fall of 2020 when my Baby Girl starts her next chapter, I WILL HAVE her senior portraits in her senior album for ME!

contact today and get this last high school story in the books!


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