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Paper Rings and Fashion on a Budget

Okay, not so much paper rings in this blog post, but I’m helping you dress like the talented Taylor who sings that fun song! And I found her fashion on a budget deal.

More fun with matching up celeb styles with your fashion budget.

Are you senior portrait ready? Emma chose three of her favorite celebrities + their cute style to share and get you ready for your senior portraits with SMP!

Check out what she found for ya…

Lots of celebrities dress to impress. Regular people on a relatively normal salary like to dress like them, but not all can afford that brand-new Tiffany & Co. $189,000 diamond ring.

This blog post is all about everyone’s favorite female celebs, and you can afford to dress like them (without burning a hole in your designer pocket).

#1: Taylor Swift

taylor-fashion, budget-fashion

Simple, understated, and summery, Taylor’s style is easily replicated, and here’s what you can use. If you hit up your local clothing store, like Gap, Maurice’s, Forever 21, or H&M, you can wear an outfit similar.

  • First, head to the dress section:: A white lacy sundress will work, which are priced anywhere from $20-$50
  • Next, get a cream sweater, or terry sweatshirts that are trendy, for $20-$30
  • DSW, SIS.Shop-in-Style, or UOIonline carry cute brown high-heeled sandals ranging from $40-$75
  • Don’t forget to grab some red lipstick from your local pharmacy, maybe add some black eye-liner, and you’re good to go!

#2: Daisy Ridley


You don’t need the Force to be able to get this ensemble – Daisy Ridley likes cheaper clothes than most. To start with::

  • Find a black cable-knit sweater + black jeans and a black braided belt.
  • Finish the look, get the Star Wars slip-ons, which really show the Force is with you. (I love good Star Wars puns)

#3: Christy Altomare

fun, fashion

She’s the Princess Anastasia!! (on Broadway, at least). Christy Altomare has an easily-replicable style, and that starts here:

Soon, you’ll be walking the walk just like Broadway’s up-and-coming star!

Meet the Writer:: Emma is studying Education and English Studies with an emphasis in Digital Film + Screenwriting. She has a passion for creative writing, reading, traveling, performing, and singing.

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Cheers & Sparklesđź’–

Once you have your fashion on a budget checked off the list click on over to Shining Moments Photography and find out more about the Senior Collections to tell your story.


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