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Okay, your session is over…what now? Now it’s time to look at some SMP featured products + create art from your gorgeous photos.

Today, I’ll be walking you through a few of the many heirloom quality products that we offer, and what you’d use them for!

I have a full catalog of unique portrait art to display your images on your walls, tables, albums, or desktops.

1/ 12×12 Signing Board

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I love the idea of the signing board…it’s a modern yearbook!

Your signing board is a beautiful modern-wood piece for your freshmen dorm room + later hung in your hallway or on your desk. Or, a visual yearbook of the most important people who inspired and stuck by you through the high school chapter. It can also be the perfect prop for a graduation party (place it on an easel or on a table for signatures).

Guests leave messages or sign the keepsake…with it being more sturdy than a paper guestbook, it lasts for years to come.

SMP-featured-product, signing-board, graduation-sign
SMP Featured Products

2/ Graduation Cards

I offer a full catalog of unique graduation announcements. One-of-a-kind announcements delivered right to your door. It is one less ta-da on your list. And you know a professional photographer will check borders, resolution, + text to create your perfect, blemish free announcements!

graduation-cards, high-school-senior-photography

However, if you love creating your own grad cards with the images we created together I can help out there too. I’ve partnered with a card company + with my code you receive a BONUS + free shipping. Just click that image & the inner-webs will whisk you to their site.

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3/ Modern Canvas

Canvas pieces have been around for generations. And there are plenty of places to get them made on your own. And that is why I create pieces that you don’t see everywhere. The new SMP METAL FLOAT WRAPS are a new piece of art in the catalog. I discovered these while looking for a unique statement piece for one of Emma’s senior portraits.

The classic of canvas mixed with the modern of metal.

What makes it different?

A sleek image laid metal is floating onto of a 1-1/2″ silk-wrapped canvas. You can see the shadow below where the metal appears to float off the wall with Emma’s senior portrait.


4/ Metal prints

If the floating metal wrap is too much for the space you have in mind, then choose your favorite image(s) to collage just metal pieces. They are laser printed onto thin, coated metal with smooth edges. Display the piece on easels or wall. They make a fun piece + a little more eclectic than a canvas. It gives off a beautiful, natural shine, and adds vibrancy to your images. I’ve created these for around my house over the years. They are PERFECT for a playroom or in high traffic areas because if the fall or catch an errant ball they remain in PERFECT DISPLAY!

metal-art, featured-products, SMP, portrait-photography

Let’s sit down and design your beautiful, heirloom quality products that are unique and useful!

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Shining Moments Photography
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๐Ÿ’– Shining Moments Photography

P.S. Be in the know with Sparkle Notes. Join the inner circle and get high school tips, college prep + ideas that helps you prep for your photo session! OH, and some funny – life’s SO MUCH better when we can laugh more๐Ÿ˜‰


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